Where is Sarah Delashmit Now?

With Laura Beil as the host, Neon Hum Media and iHeartRadio’s ‘Sympathy Pains podcast recounts the life of Sarah Delashmit. For many years, Sarah displayed a pattern of lying and telling stories of false illnesses telling her friends she was sick or even claiming her child was sick. The lies eventually took over Sarah, leaving many stunned and shocked by her actions. So, if you’re curious about what has happened to Sarah in the past, here’s what we are aware of.

Who is Sarah Delashmit?

In 2015 and 2016, Sarah Delashmit, from Illinois, participated in Camp Summit in Texas. Camp Summit was a nonprofit facility for disabled people. In the past, Sarah used a wheelchair and declared that she suffered from muscular dystrophy, which paralyzed her neck too. She was in a special power wheelchair and required help with the most basic tasks, such as taking a shower or dressing.

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The campers were impressed by Sarah’s manner of conduct and her personality, and she was a perfect fit. After her second visit, a person told staff then she had been, in fact, lying about being disabled and suffering from muscular dystrophy. After being confronted, in an unsettling twist, Sarah just got up from her wheelchair and left. The incident prompted an investigation into her past and revealed even some more fascinating details.

In the decade of the 2000s, Sarah participated in an online forum dedicated to spinal muscular atrophy. In the community, she utilized different names and even posed as different individuals. In the case of Connie, she was a mom of an infant son who had SMA. After reading Connie’s posts, others felt something was wrong and began searching for more details. Andrea Smith, who moderated the group, found out about the email that a person posted on the muscular dystrophy chat forum in 2003. The user was said to have the condition when they posted in the community.

The same email was also used in an online community created for teens suffering from cancer. Andrea later contacted the FBI and was subsequently taken to officials who were located in Highland, Illinois, Sarah’s hometown. As the police officers confronted her, she confessed to having lied. However, as it turns out, there was much more to Sarah that they were unaware of. In 2003, as she was attending the University, she made up stories about having recovered from leukemia as an infant and then later claimed that it had returned. In the year 2008, Sarah was even able to use someone else’s photos on social media accounts to show that she had been pregnant. Three babies.

In October 2012, Sarah was working as a nurse in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and she lied about being twins pregnant and then losing babies due to the birth being premature. There was Erin Johnson, who met Sarah in 2005 at a camp for those who have disabilities. In 2005, Sarah worked as a camp counselor and Erin, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, toured the camp. They kept in touch over the following decade, in which Sarah talked about photos and stories about her husband, who was not there, and her children. She even told Erin about her recovery from three cancer types and Ebola.

Sarah has also gotten to know Liz along with Brian Hickox in 2018 and shared with them that she was suffering from Stage 4 cancer of the breast and an unresolved husband. Sarah often visited them at their home for a Florida vacation. The Hickoxes often volunteered at a nonprofit based in New York for young women suffering from breast cancer. Following Sarah’s false assertion of being cancer-free, the group gave her financial assistance along with other items that were donated to the cause, such as a bicycle.

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Where is Sarah Delashmit Now?

Sarah Delashmit’s behavior with Hickoxes changed over time. In March of 2019, Sarah Delashmit was caught lying in front of them that a stalker had killed her in the Walmart. After that, they discovered Sarah’s past of lying, and she even appeared on the show Dr. Phil with her. At the moment, Sarah said, “I have a problem with lying. I don’t recall the last time that I talked to anyone and shared the truth about me.” Sarah later apologizes before Liz as well as Brian for her deceit. Sarah’s troubles didn’t stop with her apology. In October 2020, Sarah pleaded guilty to five charges of mail fraud.

In January 2021, Sarah, who was then 36, was sentenced to 18 months, followed by three years’ supervision. The judge also ordered her to pay a fine and make complete restitution to the nonprofit organizations she had cheated. Sarah was released in March 2022 after 11 months in prison. She has since been unable to discuss the incident. She appears to reside within Highland and has returned to relatives and friends. It’s unclear what Sarah is currently doing. However, she previously worked in the Amazon fulfillment center and at Doordash along with Southwest Airlines.

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