Where is Rene Elizondo Jr Now?

As the title implies, A&E and Lifetime’s documentary special “Janet Jackson” (stylized with all capital letters) provides us with a personal and genuine look at the persona of the singer-songwriter. The show focuses on the not-told story of Janet’s story by revealing never-before-seen footage with exclusive interviews to assist her in taking control of her own story.

After she’s spoken about all kinds of things, whether the relationships she has had in the past or her professional life, Let’s learn details about that man she believed would be “the one” for her -Rene Elizondo Jr. -Let’s get started!

Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo Jr.’s Relationship Timeline

Janet Jackson and Rene Elizondo Jr. Rene Elizondo Jr., who was at the time a composer/director, first been introduced by a mutual friend in the latter half of the 1980s. They then experienced the spark immediately and followed through with the idea. The fact that she separated from James DeBarge just a couple of years earlier and realized that she had for her to “be free of being with somebody that did drugs and all of that” is another reason that led the singer to Rene. In the end, as Janet acknowledged in the documentary that she “needed a lift,” and her new friend “was humorous, we always had fun together. He was extremely charming.”

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So the moment that Rene proposed to her in the rain on the beach and she was a “Rhythm Nation” singer, believing it was “it was different” and looking for “it to be it,” she agreed! The couple got married in secret in 1991. It ended up being kept off the radar until Rene declared divorce nine years later. According to reports, they split in January of 1999, but the legal process only began (and was completed) in the year following. In the 13 years they spent as a couple, Janet and Rene were not only best friends but also co-workers and friends in all senses.

From directing music videos for a handful of her singles to appearing as a songwriter on about 37 of her tracks, Rene was a major player in the music world alongside his wife. However, things changed the year following the divorce, particularly when Rene was able to sue Janet for 10 million dollars, claiming that she had backed out of an asset-based contract. They apparently came to an amicably-negotiated settlement three years later, and that’s when their relationship ended too. However, it appears that both Janet nor Rene are prone to a long-lasting negative attitude toward each other.

It is important to note that Janet and Rene kept their relationship secret to safeguard their privacy and live an ordinary life. “[Lying about our marital status] didn’t feel good at all,” Janet once stated. “But I was prepared to do whatever it took to safeguard the relationship we were able to have. Because I believe it’s difficult to do in the business world and the whole wedding issue.” She added that they were connected by the hips and enjoyed their relationship. “I think maybe once — no, twice — we were away from each other, for at the very most a week.”

Where is Rene Elizondo Jr. Now?

The 59-year-old Rene Elizondo Jr. still lives in California and works in the field of entertainment as a director and songwriter, as well as a podcast host and photographer (‘ Pretty Messed Up’).

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He has since made a move and has been living his career to the very best of his ability which is evident in being able to say that he got married to his long-time love, Britt Coelho Elizondo, in the month of August 2010 and welcomed a daughter to their family in the month of October of 2011. With an occupation he enjoys and a family being his greatest joy, Rene appears to be happy with his current life.

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