Where is Raven Abaroa Now | Every Update About Janet’s Husband!

The murder case of 2005 that involved Janet Abaroa to find scattered evidence that may have existed long before the case’s final verdict. What the general public might not know was the involvement of Raven Abaroa in her murder.

Who is Raven Abaroa?

Raven Abaroa is from a Mormon family. She met Janet during their time at Southern Virginia University. The two, both soccer players, soon started dating one another. Then, in 2000 they were married and then relocated to North Carolina, where they were employed by the same company that makes sportswear. Around this time when the couple experienced problems with their marriage. In the end, Raven Abaroa asked Janet for divorce, alleging that he was behaving in a way that was not her. The two of them decided to improve their marriage after they learned that Janet was expecting a baby. Janet was also vocal about her concerns with her family, stating that she did not wish to have a child with her sole mother.

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In all likelihood, the couple soon welcomed one son named Kaiden. In the same time frame, Raven was caught stealing products from their office, after which he was convicted in court. While he didn’t need to do any jail time, Janet was too embarrassed to work for the company and decided to leave. At the end of 2005, Raven called 911 to make a call to inform the operator that his wife had been killed to death. The police later discovered that a knife had killed Janet.

In his 2007 interview with Abaroa 2007, Abaroa stated: “I was not involved with the death of my wife, and I didn’t kill my wife.” The statement came after reports of his possible murder of Janet.

Something Was Not Right

After Janet Abaroa’s demise, Raven moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, together with Kaiden. Raven then came across Vanessa Pond, a single mother of a daughter who attended the same daycare facility as Kaiden. The Pond then believed she believed Abaroa was a real man and decided to get married to him.

Even though she confronted him about his wife’s death, as well as other accusations and warnings issued by Janet’s sister, Raven encouraged her to believe that the death of his wife wasn’t his blame. When she spoke to her, the woman claimed, “He had his stories about how people were trying to frame him, about how horrible the cops were, and how he continued to try to contact the police to find out what’s going on.” In the days after the marriage, Raven was reportedly abusive toward Pond and ended up getting divorced within four months.

In the year 2010, Abaroa was detained based on the latest evidence discovered through Charles Sole, who was in charge of the investigation at that moment. Detective Sole discovered that Janet’s case of contact lenses appeared empty while looking through images of the scene. When he spoke to Janet’s relatives, he learned that Janet was extremely meticulous in taking them off before going to sleep. So the body was excavated, and it was discovered to be wearing glasses at the time of her death.

After extensive research conducted by Dr. Charles Zwerling, using lenses on pigs and having them cremated, it was determined that lenses would age similarly to Janet’s. He explained: “I applied a lens cap. This is used at funeral homes. I used the same methods and even the same linen. I also bought these small caskets and wooden boxes. I then placed the pig’s eyes in the caskets and buried them inside my garden. … And within six months, I exhumed my first container, and so on.”

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Where is Raven Abaroa Now?

2013 was the last time the Abaroa trial was held in the courtroom, but the jury, which was 11-1 in the guilty verdict, saw the judge declare a mistrial. In 2014, for the second time in Abaroa’s case, Abaroa made a voluntary plea of manslaughter. The court found him guilty and sentenced him to between 95 and 123 months. It was also noted that the fact that he served four years in prison before the trial was taken into account.

Raven Abaroa: was released from prison on December 25, 2017. Abaroa was released on December 25, 2017. Abaroa, currently 40, is believed to be living in Utah. Son, Kaiden, lives with Janet’s parents today. Some people wonder if he committed a real crime.

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