Where is Raja Kolander’s Wife Phoolan Devi Now?

Netflix’s Indian Predator: The Diary of the Serial Killer’ is an investigative series that focuses on the intriguing story of Ram Niranjan (better known by his pseudonym Raja Kolander) from every possible perspective.

The series traces not just the events that led to his final arrest in a 2000 disappearance as well as the murder of an investigative journalist but also his own opinions and his experiences. Naturally, there was a substantial (yet indirect) interest in the wife, Phoolan Devi. In the present should you want to know more about her specifically, you can find the most important details to help you.

Who is Phoolan Devi?

As a resident from Chheoki within Allahabad (Prayagraj), Uttar Pradesh, In 2000, Phoolan became proudly elected as a district council member as their husband worked as the government clerk.

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Her birth name was Gomti Devi. However, Raja chose to honor the name of the bandit who turned female activist for human rights and politician before allowing her to run in the elections following her Netflix original. He had hoped that the mom of his kids– Adalat (meaning the court), Zamanat (meaning bail) as well as Andolan (meaning demonstration) could soon become just as well-known as her namesake, but it didn’t succeed.

The reason for this is that the journalist Dhirendra Singh’s tragic case came to light, exposing the couple and his brother Vakshraj Kol by a single phone call, as per the reports. The first disappeared on December 14, 2000. However, their Chheoki landline number at home had been dialed by his personal device just two days later on December 16, indicating something was amiss. The detectives went to investigate Phoolan and forced her to divulge ” the truth” about her husband’s activities and his actions — It was also alleged that it was the man who had called her on Dhirendra’s cell phone.

Where is Phoolan Devi Now?

Although the specific charges imposed against Phoolan remain a mystery, we know she was arrested along with close family members on December 18 due to her part in the heinous crime. As such, Raja Phoolan she’s currently being held for life in the district prison, which suggests that she may have had a chance to be found guilty of murder or conspiracy or aiding and abetting the crime because she probably knew about his inclinations, but she did not report his actions.

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It is worth noting that Raja originally claimed the existence of an illicit relationship between Dhirendra and Phoolan as the reason for the killing, but “Indian Predator” reveals this claim as a complete fabrication. His inborn desire not to let his criminal activities be disclosed to the public led him to kill the journalist and then slash off his head and his female genitals.

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