Where is Raja Kolander’s Brother-in-Law Vakshraj Kol Now?

In its three-part documentary that digs deep into the story of the alleged criminal Raja Kolander (born Ram Niranjan), Netflix’s “Indian Predator: Diary Of the Serial Killer’ can be utterly engaging. It’s because it contains first-hand accounts from many people involved in the subject and disturbing details about the convict’s actions in trying to claim his innocence. But for now, if you simply wish to learn more about his accomplice/brother-in-law Vakshraj Kol — with a specific focus on his offenses and current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Vakshraj Kol?

It’s possible that Vakshraj was in the same room as her sister’s spouse Raja when police called him about Dhirendra Singh’s disappearance on December 14, 2000. He was found just days after. But, as the two were in the same company and were in the company of his sister, he was taken into custody and interrogated, only to turn out to be quite dramatic when it was discovered that he was anxious and terrified. He was the reason for the harshest lines of inquiry and especially after someone observed his shoes were strikingly like the shoes that belonged to the journalist missing in Netflix’s Netflix production.

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Vakshraj finally came clean and revealed to investigators the truth about their cell phone link to Dhirendra and Dhirendra, after which Raja acknowledged that they’d collaborated to kill him in self-defense. In the original docuseries, the two decided to take the matter on their own, as they did not want the respected journalist to write about the former’s criminal history of car theft. In the film ‘Indian Predator, it is also clear that Vakshraj fired the gun on Dhirendra at the piggery farm of his brother-in-law before they killed the man that night. Raja had the responsibility who is deciding to cut him up.

Where is Vakshraj Kol Now?

While Vakshraj was accused of murder on December 18 2000, it required 12 years for him and his brother-in-law to be found guilty of the crime for good deeds. Vakshraj was sentenced to life imprisonment at the end of November 2012 with a further sentence of 3 years of harsh confinement and the obligation for two fines in the amount of $15,000, similar to Raja.

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Thus Vakshraj is still serving his sentence in the District Prison in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is important to note that the 2012 decision of the court clarified that Vakshraj’s involvement in any other matter relating to his brother-in-law was not proved.

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