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In Netflix’s latest docuseries, “Tiger King: The Doc Antle Story, ” The show’s creators are paying attention to Doc, the title character. The three-part show features the personal stories of various people who were part of Doc’s life while running the zoo in Buckingham, Virginia. In the past, Doc lived in the Yogaville Ashram in the vicinity and was a well-known person. Radha Hirsch, a bride to Doc and Doc, gives a shocking glimpse into their relationship, which began when she was fourteen years old. If you’re wondering what has happened to Radha in the years since this is what we know!

Who is Radha Hirsch?

Radha, then Ursula Astroff, was only 11 or 12 old when she first met Doc at the Ashram. Doc enthralled her from the first moment she met him. At the time, her mom, Diane, was away often, and this caused Radha to be able to spend a lot of weekends at Doc’s. She was a babysitter to Doc as well as Betsy. But, Radha said on the show that their relationship became romantic around fourteen years old.

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The mother, Radha, came to know about the incident via Betsy. According to the program, Betsy saw Radha and Doc having a fling and promptly called them. Recognizing the unsuitability of their couple’s relationship, Diane declared on TV that she had flown the daughter away from Virginia and placed her into a Catholic school. However, a few days later, Doc picked Radha up when she was en route to school and drove off.

In the show, Radha said the fact that Doc placed her in a motel near Washington DC for about a month. They eventually were married after forging Radha’s dad’s name on the wedding certificate. In the year of their wedding, Radha had just turned 15, and Doc was about 26. Although Diane was aware she was in the care of Doc, she gradually began to accept it, wishing that Radha would change her mind shortly and that she would be there to help her.

Where is Radha Hirsch Now?

In the course of time, Radha stated on the show that she and Doc were having issues, which led to a breakup in the relationship. After realizing that things were the way they were, Radha said she didn’t want to be with Doc any longer. In the year Radha was 17, She picked a day that Doc was working and packed all her belongings.

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Then she drove towards California with a companion. Radha has since relocated to different things in her life and now lives in Arizona, as far as we know. She has reportedly kept an unassuming appearance since the time she left, and very little is publicized about her work.

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