Where is Netflix’s The Lørenskog Disappearance Filmed

Based on the true incidents of 2018by Netflix, ‘ The Lorenzog Disappearance” is a Norwegian criminal drama produced with the help of Nikolaj Frobenius and Stephen Uhlander. The plot revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the spouse of a billionaire called Tom Hagen. Then, following the wife’s disappearance, the police can determine the root of the matter as they deal with the angry media and false informants trying to divert officials from the facts.

The thrilling story is made even more thrilling by the stunning on-screen performances by a group of talented Scandinavian performers and actors such as Yngvild Stoen Grotmol, Henrik Rafaelsen, and Christian Rubeck. Furthermore, the unique usage of locations throughout every episode leaves one wondering about the actual locations of the filming of The Lorenskog Disappearance. If that’s the scenario, you may be interested in the information we have to say about the subject!

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The Lorenskog Disappearance Locations of Filming

The Lorenskog Disappearance” is shot completely in Norway, specifically in Lorenskog, the town where the story is set. The primary shooting for the Norwegian film appears to have occurred in the latter half of 2021. It is situated within Northern Europe. Norway is a Nordic country that is located in the northern and western parts of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It has some of the highest per capita incomes on both the World Bank and IMF lists. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the detectives as they unravel the details about the wife of Tom Hagen and discover the locations in which they appear in the show!

Lorenskog, Norway

A major portion of the action of ‘The Lorenskog Disappearance is shot within and surrounding Lorenskog, which is a municipality located in Akershus, Norway’s Viken county. Lorenskog Police Station at Boecks Gate 16 is one of the main filming locations for the Netflix series since many scenes that appear to be interior and exterior are recorded within and around the police station. Furthermore, what adds credibility to the story is the way that the crew set their camp at the Shell petrol station in Solheimveien 120. This was the same station in which Tom Hagen was actually found. Tom Hagen met the police for the first time.

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Just east Oslo, located east of Oslo, the capital city in Norway, Lorenskog gets its name from the ancient Leirheimr farm. It is the home of Lorenskog Church. Lorenskog Church at Hammerveien 1 in Lorenskog, the municipality of Lorenskog, is a medieval-era church that is it is a well-known tourist attraction within the municipal. Since the southern region of Lorenskog is mostly forest-based and wetlands, most residents reside in the northern region of the municipal.

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