Where is Netflix’s Fakes Filmed | Fakes Filming Locations!

David Turko created the show Netflix’s ‘Fakes,” which is a comedy-drama that follows two best friends in high school -Becca and Zoe Zoe Becca. They eventually built one of the largest counterfeit ID businesses in North America. They begin their illicit business from their penthouse, and as it grows in popularity and draws many clients, they make more money than they can manage. However, the success of a company has its own repercussions.

If police target Zoe and Becca, their lives of crime get real when one of their most beloved friends is put in jail, and the other one is left in the shadows. The name ‘Fakes’ is perfectly appropriate for this show, not just due to the fake IDs the best friends create but the characters with two faces constantly featured throughout the series. The funny and suspenseful story keeps viewers at the top of their seats, usage of fascinating locations, such as the penthouse, makes one think about the real filming locations that are featured in the show. If you’re one of that curious people, let us give you all the details you require regarding the subject.

Fakes Filming Locations

“Fakes” was shot entirely in British Columbia, specifically in the area around Vancouver. The principal shooting for the first version of the Emilija Baranac-starring movie was reported to begin in October and end in December of the year. It’s common knowledge that British Columbia or Vancouver, particularly, is often used as a substitute with the most famous US cities such as Seattle and New York for producing various films.

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But, in ‘Fakes, it’s not so since it was filmed and set in Vancouver and gives viewers an insight into the real-world setting. In this regard, let’s not take too long to go through the specific locations used in making the comedy program!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The pivotal sequences of “Fakes” are shot in and around Vancouver, a significant Western Canadian city situated in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia. The production crew sets their at Stanley Park, an open-air park of 405 hectares, while the Vancouver Seawall creeps in the background of several scenes. Additionally, the crew and cast use the surroundings in the vicinity of Lions Gate Bridge, especially the Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver. In fact, a couple of scenes in the first season were shot in the backdrop of the famous bridge.

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Also known as Hollywood North, Vancouver is an important film location since it is the home of many US cities, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Through the years, it has appeared in various TV and feature films. In addition to ‘Fakes,’ among the most notable productions that have used Vancouver’s location is ‘Happy Gilmore ‘ Fresh The Fresh ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ ‘Bates Motel’ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.’

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