Where is My True Crime Story’s Dartanyon Williams Now?

The show on VH1’s ‘My Truly Crime Story tells the captivating tale that follows Dartanyon Williams, who was FBI famously called “The Master Identity Thief.” He amassed an enormous amount of money in his 20s, taking large sums from banks, but at some point, he decided to make a change in his life and began educating people about the exact criminal acts he was convicted of in the past. In case you’re interested in knowing what you can regarding Dartanyon and what he’s currently doing, we’ve got all the answers you’ve been looking for!

Who is Dartanyon Williams?

Based on Louisiana-born Dartanyon Williams, who was an avid youngster from the start. As young as 15, he began to experiment with identity theft byby making copies of his parents’ identities to make money. Enthusiastic about the possibility of cashing in easily, Dartanyon further ventured down the same path, and when he reached 19 years old, he had earned one million dollars. The young man earned money by using other people’s financial information to steal credit card firms, auto dealerships, and other businesses.

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Apart from identity theft, Dartanyon also had a drug-related business to his name, further solidifying his position in the criminal world. With his sharp intellect and skills, Dartanyon soon grew his business and began bringing new people into his company. It’s not surprising that by the age of 23, Dartanyon was operating an incredibly lucrative crime ring with over 40 people who worked under him. But such an extensive operation was not without its dangers, and it quickly led to his Louisiana native under FBI’s surveillance.

With his young age, what puzzled the authorities was how Dartanyon was able to carry out these massive financial frauds. The FBI was particularly interested in the technical equipment he used, such as the fonts, printers, and materials used to make fake IDs and credit cards. However, Dartanyon was eventually apprehended for his crimes at 25 years old and was subjected to 23 criminal arrests, four convictions in the state of Georgia, and two back-to-back sentences at federal jail.

The first one was the Federal charge for the conspiracy to commit identity theft, as well as Dartanyon was sentenced to 5 years behind bars. The second time Dartanyon was arrested for dealing drugs was in 2005, which resulted in imposing a sentence. He was sentenced to three years in Solitary confinement in Tangipahoa Parish Jail in Amite, Louisiana. However, this time transformed the life of Dartanyon, and he says that he was deeply connected to God in solitude.

That was when Dartanyon, a Louisiana resident, decided to change himself and get rid of his past of crime since he wanted to be present in the lives of his daughters as they were quite young at the time. After adopting the spiritual path, Dartanyon worked on creating his own life and then began making progress on his own.

Is Dartanyon Williams in the area? Dartanyon Williams Presently?

When his sentence was over, Dartanyon Williams sought forgiveness and began to rehabilitate himself by assisting his fellow officers at the FBI, Secret Service, and Louisiana authorities with security and fraud. In addition, he began to educate all the people on the dangers of identity theft and ways to guard themselves against the threat. Based on his own experience, Dartanyon penned his memoir The Master Identity Thief, which was released on May 20, 2020.

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The two-volume novel delves into his life’s past and his Journey to self-discovery. It gives readers a firsthand story of the ways in which fraud and identity theft can be avoided and prevented. Dartanyon is now known under DAW. DAW is a part of the family located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is also an entrepreneur who is successful with two businesses, The DAW Group, LLC, along with DuckPond Technologies, Inc. They develop innovative strategies and solutions to cybersecurity.

In November 2020, Dartanyon was a candidate for his seat in the US Senate to be a senator from Louisiana. Although he was not elected, he has presented state legislators as well as Congress with suggestions to safeguard the public from financial fraud. Presently, Dartanyon is busy with his business ventures and frequently is involved in public speaking and charitable work to promote his goal of helping the community. The Journey of his redemption is certainly an inspiring experience which is why we wish him all the best of luck in his endeavors.

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