Where is Molly Matheson’s Killer Reginald Kimbro Now?

The Police’s investigation of the murders of Molly Matheson and Megan Getrum led toward Reginald Kimbro. When the Police delved deeper, they discovered shocking crimes that he had been previously accused of and a pattern of violence that came to light through his attacks. NBC News ‘Dateline: Wreckage’ examines the circumstances that caused Molly and Megan to be killed on the same day and how Reginald was nabbed. We’ve got you covered if you think about where he is in the present.

How is Reginald Kimbro?

Reginald was a graduate of Plano Senior High School in Texas in the year 2011. The following year, he enlisted in the Navy but was issued a medical discharge. He frequently visited Fayetteville, Arkansas, where his best friend resided and where he studied. In Fayetteville, Reginald met Molly on Tinder. At the moment, his friend resided in the same place where Molly Matheson lived with another roommate. As the relationship ended, they kept in touch. In April of 2017, Molly moved to Fort Worth, Texas, and was living in Fort Worth, Texas. Her body was found on April 10 and later confirmed that she was brutally assaulted and murdered by strangulation.

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The authorities discovered that Reginald was among those who Molly had contact with. He texted her at about 10:10 pm on April 9 and later confessed to going to her home that night. But, Reginald claimed that he left after she refused to engage in sexual relations with him. The next day on April 15 2017, Megan Getrum’s body was discovered in a lake near Dallas, Texas. The last time she was seen was on April 14 on the trail of an area of nature reserve located in Plano, Texas. Authorities later discovered that Reginald was found in the park on exactly the same date. Megan was also assaulted sexually and had evidence of strangulation.

Later, the evidence from both women was similar to that of Reginald and led authorities to conclude that the suspect was killed. In the case of Molly, the killer was even trying to discredit the evidence. In a worrying turn of events, the Police discovered that Reginald was previously suspected of sex-related crimes. In September 2012, the woman was at his residence in Plano. The woman told Police that Reginald initially provided her $200 in exchange for oral sex. After which, she declined and went away. But, he stayed with the woman, apologized and asked her to visit the park nearby.

The woman complied and went to the nearby school, where she said Reginald attacked her with a knife and choked her. She said Reginald hit her head when she attempted to dial 911 and assaulted her. He took her to a different school and forced her to be naked before she left. After the incident, she went to the Police, and the sexual assault kit was analyzed and produced Reginald’s DNA. But he was not detained because the woman who survived did not want to bring charges against him.

A lady who was attending a party home at a house party in Allen, Texas, was discovered by a relative covered in leaves by a fence. There was evidence that she had been attacked and choked. The victim was raped and later accused Reginald of the rape. In response to questions, he claimed that he had nothing to do with the rape. However, his DNA was later identified in the female. The result, however, occurred in February 2017, the month of February. Meanwhile, Reginald’s crimes continued.

On March 14, 2014, an individual spotted the man at a hotel on South Padre Island, Texas. She accused Reginald of assaulting and choking her in a woman’s bathroom; however, he claimed the sex was not consensual. In the end, the incident was also dismissed.

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Is Reginald Kimbro Today?

Reginald Kimbro was initially supposed to be tried in 2020. However, a delay was declared in the jury selection process before the COVID-19 virus slowed things down. In March 2022, when he was 28, Reginald agreed to plead guilty to the murders of two people and four sexual assaults. He was sentenced to two life sentences with no parole possibility for the murders and another life sentence for the rape, which occurred in Cameron County, Texas.

Additionally, Reginald received 20 years each for three rapes that occurred in Collin County, Texas. Reginald also accused four women of strangling, drugging, and raping them, but they hadn’t told authorities then. But, they were prepared to be witnesses should the case go to trial. The authorities had plenty of evidence linking Reginald to the crime, including video surveillance and biological and phone evidence. Prison records show that he is still in the O. B. Ellis Unit in Huntsville, Texas.

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