Where is Miki Garcia Now? Every Update!

Being a Playmate not just but also director of promotions in Playboy Enterprises (1973-1982), many would have believed Miki Garcia as one who would never speak out against the company, but she did.

While working at the company, the model was a protector of the company, but having suffered sexual harassment and sexual assault herself, once she felt that Hugh Hefner “just didn’t care” about women in the organization, her attitude changed. Since ‘Secrets from Playboy is exploring Miki Garcia’s story, we’ll learn the details of her life after she quit the company and what she’s currently doing Today!

Miki Garcia’s Life After Playboy

Miki Garcia had dreamed of becoming a psychiatrist when she was younger; however, the lack of funds caused her to turn her attention to models and pageants. This is where she was noticed by the photo editor at Playboy, which led to the beginning of a 9-year-long journey that eventually led her to be miserable, in line with the A&E original. From the unspoken sexual stipulation to those who won the Playmate of the Year title, which Miki could not attend to offer opportunities to models only to deny their stories in the future, all of it affected her. The final nail for Miki was the death of Dorothy Stratten when she attempted to warn people about her story.

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In 1985, just five years after Dorothy’s death and three years following the time she broke off from Playboy, Miki stood before the U.S. Attorney General’s commission on pornography to share the events she had seen. She claimed that rape, grooming, attempted suicides, drug use and physical abuse, prostitution, and other violence were aspects of the Playboy lifestyle. She believed that Hugh Hefner either condoned or forced every aspect of it. “I hope that my testimony will bring to light the inherent evils within the Playboy organization,” she stated.

Miki said, “I believe that for the most part, the Playmates’ problems were due to their association with Hugh Hefner, his friends, and Playboy magazine.” However, the team of the media mogul claimed that she did not lie under oath to gain personal gain. “This ex-employee has been attempting to peddle a book about Playboy which has been rejected by every publisher to whom it has been submitted,” an official announcement by Playboy read. “[She] appears to be using Commission as a way to get attention to her book, which is otherwise unpublished.”

Where is Miki Garcia Now?

Since the early 1980s, Miki Garcia has moved forward with her life to the best of her ability and is happy with her position and position. After deciding that her love of gorgeous homes could be transformed into a profession as a realtor, Miki Garcia shifted her focus to a career in real estate. California native began working in the real estate business as an agent when she obtained her license in 2000.

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In addition, around the same time, Miki also started writing an article called “Ask Miki in some newspapers and eventually made an excellent life for herself. Today she is in her mid-70s, and Miki Garcia is speaking out about Playboy in full detail, allowing people who previously did not have anyone to stand up for their rights.

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