Where Is Matthew Muller Now?

ABC’s “20/20: Gone Girl’ examines the home invasion of 2015 and kidnapping cases that involved Aaron Quinn and Denise Huskins, who turned from suspects to victims in just a few days. Due to their narratives of the incident being too extreme and having an eerie resemblance to the novel and the film ‘Gone Girl,’ the authorities initially deemed it an orchestrated crime. But the evidence soon proved the fact that Matthew Muller was their perpetrator. Now, let’s learn everything is known about him and his present location, will we?

Who is Matthew Muller?

In contrast to typical criminals, Matthew Daniel Muller served in the Marine Corps from 1995 to 1999. He then graduated in the summa Laude program at Pomona College in California before ultimately attending Harvard Law School. As a decorated officer with qualifications that showed his ability to think critically, Matthew was able to secure a job that was stable as an immigration attorney in a San Francisco law firm. In 2015, Matthew was barred for a reason after filing for bankruptcy and being charged with omitting to reimburse around $1250 to a client after the court ordered it due to the inability to provide competent representation.

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It was the year Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn’s abduction and property invasion cases occurred. However, it was only in June 2005, just three months after the incident occurred, when Matthew tried to gain entry into a home in California the day he was recognized as a suspect. In the end, the sequence of events was identical. The only distinction was that the victims had the ability to effectively confront their attackers and scare them to flee before causing any harm. Matthew had dropped his phone during the process, and it directed the police right back at Matthew, resulting in a huge breakthrough.

After a deeper look at him and his background, it was discovered that, despite having never been arrested or charged in any way, he was identified as a suspect in several other burglary and home invasion cases in California. Some of them went to 2009 and included specific information. Additionally, his family’s home investigation revealed several pistols squirting with lasers stuck to them and blacked-out swimming goggles. There was also video evidence to prove Matthew had been Denise and Aaron’s accomplice. Matthew’s intention would have been Aaron and his former fiancee, but it’s not a matter of fact due to his actions.

Where is Matthew Muller Now?

Matthew Muller was arrested in South Lake Tahoe on June 8, 2015, and was accused of kidnapping to pay ransom in federal court. The other related criminal offenses of sexual assault and murder of Aaron weren’t imposed upon him since the federal court does not have authority over the matter. In 2016, Matthew pleaded guilty to the charge on his behalf and was sent to prison for 40 years. After being initially deemed mentally incapable of being tried, Matthew was ordered to be on antipsychotic medications till he could be deemed mentally competent.

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In March 2022, Matthew appeared in court in March 2022 from Napa State Hospital in California through Zoom. He then pled not guilty to two charges of forcible rape. Additionally, Matthew pled guilty to burglary in an inhabited residence, residential burglary, and false imprisonment. The result was that Matthew was sentenced to 31 years of prison time, which will parallel the 40-year sentence. Matthew’s most recent location is the Napa State Hospital. It appears that he’ll be serving his sentence in federal prison. Matthew is set to release his prisoner in 2049.

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