Where is Leah Askey Now? Everything You Need To Know!

It’s not hard to say that there’s no doubt that the investigation into the murder involving Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria is full of controversy throughout the way. What’s remarkable is that it includes prosecutors and detectives. It all started with Russell “Russ” Faria’s two trials, the alleged scheme devised in Pam Hupp’s hands to an alleged affair that was not supposed to be included in the case.

It included everything, just as ‘The Things about Pam provides. Now, if you’re looking for more information on the lady who tried to prosecute Betsy’s husband twice, not once, but twice, as well as her own personal views, you can find the facts for you.

Who is Leah Askey?

As an attorney and a Juris Doctorate graduate (2006) from the Saint Louis University School of Law, Leah Askey was at the top of the field when she was first introduced to an invitation to testify in the Betsy Faria homicide case. Thus, in 2013, the jury was presented with her sketched Russ as an abusive, pot-smoking man who had attacked his wife after discovering she’d made him an insurance beneficiary on her policy jurors accepted her. In his defense, Leah implied whoever killed Betsy was able to clean up and let the dog go afterward and that no other person could have done this as quickly other than the property owner.

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In the case of the second case, the prosecutor also got involved in the friendships, which had confirmed Russ his claims that he was on a night of games and named them as co-conspirators with who no charges were filed. It’s crucial to know that in the following two years, accusations that Leah had been romantically connected to Mike Lang, the then-captain of the investigation department at the Sheriff’s Office, also came to light, something she did not deny.

Although she appeared uninterested, she was able to test Russ once more in 2015. However, with additional evidence that was completely related to Pam Hupp. The judge acquitted him for good.

Where is Leah Askey Now?

After his exoneration, Russ Faria could sue Leah Askey and three investigative officers because they had knowingly ignored the exculpatory evidence. Still, the judge disqualified Leah Askey’s name from the lawsuit. In 2017, however, it was revealed that the Lincoln County Commissioner’s Office looked into Leah for moral and criminal violations and ethical misconduct. The investigation revealed that even though she did not fail to properly handle the case of Betsy and Russ, there were several complaints about her. In addition, in the year 2018, she was removed from office off the board, which has been attributed by many to the involvement she had in Russ, the wrongly convicted.

Since that time, Leah Askey, now Leah Wommack Chaney, has happily accepted a position as an attorney and counselor at a private firm called Chaney Law Group. However, it is important to note that the former Lincoln County prosecutor has also confessed that she isn’t going to stay silent and certainly not to have her name slain without cause. “They’ve attempted repeatedly to have me disbarred,” she declared.

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“They have claimed that I’ve done sexy things throughout the years. Every time they’ve done it I’ve been exonerated of everything,” she continued. To prove that she doesn’t have regrets regarding the way she carried out her task, Leah then stated, “I feel like that everything I did, I did to make sure that we were going down the right path and to ensure that we were not prosecuting somebody that shouldn’t be prosecuted for a crime.”

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