Where is LaCola Nickens Now? Every Update Explained!

The VH1 show ‘My True Crime Story’ follows the lives of ordinary people who commit shocking crimes and their consequences result. In the 2nd episode of season 2, viewers meet LaCola Nickens and the narrative of how she ended up in the world of criminality.

Lola was a part of the notorious identity theft ring, which forever affected the lives of several victims. If you’re thinking about her fate of her or what she’s doing today, We’ll tell you what we know.

Who is LaCola Nickens?

LaCola Nickens is a member of a criminal scheme led by Michael Oginni of Maryland. The other members of the conspiracy were Andraliesha Jefferson and Robert McCrickard. The reports indicated that Michael was a victim of fraud and had crimes involving the United Kingdom from the 1990s. In the span of twenty years, he shifted from fraud using credit cards to trying to beat the modern security features of credit cards. Michael also became violent, frequently using this to control the people who worked for him.

Michael was responsible for the conspiracy, which lasted for around two years, and LaCola was also involved in the plot. They used custom-designed driver’s licenses that included photos of people who were part of the bandwagon. But, the licenses included the addresses and names of the victims they cheated. When the licenses were printed, the group could enter into a lease for apartments in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC.

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This group could then use the new addresses to open new bank accounts and credit cards in fraud. The associated mail was only sent to the new address, and the victim would not be aware of these fake cards. The group then accrued hundreds of thousands of dollars by making purchases of expensive items and gift cards. Federal authorities determined that the plot was responsible for around $850,000 of fraudulent transactions in the period between 2015 to 2017, with over 50 victims.

Where is LaCola Nickens Today?

In connection with the plot, LaCola was sentenced to be imprisoned for a year in July of 2018. The other conspirators also received various sentences. LaCola got released from prison in April of 2019. At the moment, LaCola seems to be doing well and is not in trouble. She is a resident of the Washington DC Baltimore (Maryland) area.

Before that, she worked for Purdue University Global in Indiana. In addition, LaCola was the President of Infinite Black Entertainment before her arrest. She appears to be trying to get her life back on course, participating in singing contests, and looking for another job. LaCola is a foodie who loves shopping, traveling, and playing sports during her time off.

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