Where is Killer and Rapist Angelo Izzo Now?

Netflix’s crime film “The Catholic School” is based on the notorious and horrific ” Circeo Massacre,” looking at the path of Rosaria Lopez’s murder and the story of her companion Donatella Colasanti’s life after death. In actual fact, Rosaria and Donatella were victimized and brutally tortured and tortured by Angelo Izzo, Giovanni “Gianni” Guido, and Andrea Ghira, who also murdered Rosaria.

This Italian documentary offers a glimpse of Angelo Izzo’s past, months before the horrific crime, and shows the motives that led to his violence and acts of violence. The film concludes with Rosaria’s death, leaving viewers eager to learn more about its current location of Angelo. If so, then here’s what you need to know about it!

Who is Angelo Izzo?

Angelo Izzo was born in a Roman middle-class, upper-middle-class household in August 1955. In his teen period, Angelo allegedly had close ties to the fascist movement and was reportedly sent to two and quarter years of prison time for having raped the two females. On September 25, 1975, Angelo was a part of Gianni to guide Rosaria and Donatella to a house owned by Andrea’s family San Felice Circeo after meeting the two girls through a close friend. Angelo, Gianni, and Andrea, who later joined with the other two, raped and beat Rosaria along with Donatella. The trio was then beaten and drowned Rosaria in the tub, killing her. According to reports, they tried to take out Donatella with a chokehold. Using the belt.

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When Donatella claimed that she was dead, Angelo, Gianni, and Andrea took her body and Rosaria and placed them in the trunk of Gianni’s father’s vehicle. They then drove them to Rome. While Angelo and others were out, Donatella made sounds, attracting the interest of the night guard and paving the way for her escape from three murderers. Police officials quickly arrested Angelo and Gianni but could not arrest Andrea, who fled the country. Then, in July of 1976, Angelo, together with Gianni and Andrea, was sentenced to life in prison.

Where is Angelo Izzo Now?

According to sources, Angelo Izzo is currently in prison called Casa Circondariale Di Velletri, located in Velletri, a commune in the Metropolitan City of Rome. After being sentenced to death, Angelo reportedly collaborated with officials to share information about numerous murders and crimes like those of the Piazza Fontana murder, Bologna massacre, Piazza Della Loggia massacre, and so on. after obtaining similar information from his fellow inmates who were far-right. In 1977 and 1986, Angelo attempted to get out of Latina prison and Paliano super prisons, respectively. However, both failed. After being released from the prison in Alexandria by a permit, Angelo traveled to France and was caught.

In December 2004, Angelo was granted a partial release from prison. He was released in April of 2005. shot and killed Maria Carmela and her daughter Valentina Maiorano. They were the spouse and daughter of Giovanni Maiorano, whom he was in prison with within Ferrazzano. In the case of the killings of two people, Angelo received the second sentence of life in prison. In 2009 Italian journalist and author Donatella Papi declared that she wanted to get married to Angelo. The couple got married in March of 2010 at the Velletri prison. According to reports, Papi believed that Angelo was innocent and wanted to fight the reopening and reopening of the two murders that put him in prison.

Angelo and Papi’s romance experienced a turbulent period, and Papi was able to announce in April 2011 that she would legally break off her marriage to the prisoner. According to sources, Papi has also admitted that her husband is engaged in serious matters related to the Republic, which she does not wish to be a part of. In September 2011, however, Papi announced that she was able to overcome her marriage problems, particularly after his acquittal in the libel case of Two Ferrazzano victims of murder.

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Angelo Izzo hasn’t stopped featuring in Italian news reports as of even. In 2021, the Italian actor shocked the nation once more when he appeared in front of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission to reveal details regarding the death of Friulian Rossella Corazzin 17-year-old girl who vanished in August 1975 within the Belluno region. He identified Corazzin’s murder and kidnapping to Masonic circles and the subversive right-wing active in his area during the 1970s. He further stated that her deceased body was found in the woods surrounding Lake Trasimeno, located in the province of Perugia within the Umbria region. While in prison, Angelo has written several manuscripts too.

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