Where is Justo Jay Now?

Director is Billy Corben. Netflix’s ‘Cocaine Cowboys The Kings of Miami’ is a six-part documentary series which explores the story of two childhood buddies who were high school dropouts to some of the most prominent drug officials within South Florida within a few years.

According to officials, “The Boys” or “Los Muchachos,” Willy Falcon and Sal Magluta, together with their trusted team, were able to smuggle more than 75 tonnes of cocaine in order to accumulate more than $2 billion over two decades. The crew’s leader was Justo Jay. Here’s the information we have about him.

How is Justo Jay?

Justo Enrique Jay was a vital element of Willy and Sal’s organization for cocaine from the beginning because the latter was not only a trusted friend but equally responsible for taking charge of the cargo that was brought in. Everything needed by the kingpins to supervise operations at their storage houses or ensure the efficient flow of cash as well as goods, Justo presented it. Just like the two of them, He had emigrated from Cuba as a young man in the mid-1950s and was raised in poverty within Little Havana. In order to attain an adequate standard of living that required money, they didn’t mind taking the easy option of selling drugs.

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Justo was so essential That Willy and Sal were forced to move the man to North Carolina to manage their trade, and it led to his capture in 1988. Two days later, on February 2, the accused was indicted on one continuing criminal enterprise (CCE) charge by the Western District of NC that, on March 9, was followed by a single count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine as well as 14 additional charges of possession with the intent to trade and distribute cocaine. Justo may have offered to cooperate with officials in exchange for a lesser punishment. However, he chose not to and was arraigned in court.

Is it Justo Jay Right Now?

Following a trial by jury, Justo Enrique Jay was cleared of all charges and sentenced to life without parole for the CCE charge and a total of 115 years for the remaining charges, to be completed simultaneously. The appeal was filed as quickly as possible. However, it was only the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit only overturned his sentence of conspiracy.

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In spite of the fact that he was sentenced to life, following 19 years in prison, Justo was released from federal prison in 2007. Just a month later, their son of his, Jon Jay, made his minor league baseball debut, So Justo was released just in time to watch his son turn professional. Since then, Justo has preferred to remain out of the spotlight. That is, there isn’t much-publicized information about his professional or personal experiences.

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