Where is John McAfee’s Wife Janice Dyson Now?

Netflix’s “Running with the Devil The Wild World of John McAfee is a story about John McAfee, a tech-savvy millionaire who lived the kind of life that could be a Hollywood film. John McAfee made a name for himself worldwide thanks to his anti-virus software. But after the product was essential for anyone with computers, he came into the spotlight after an assortment of actions that made him an extremely unpredictable person.

There was no way to know what he would do the next day. While McAfee might have been a bizarre, unfathomable persona for others, however, for his wife, Janice McAfee, was the catalyst that altered the direction of her life. The Netflix documentary offers an insider look into their marriage. If you’re curious about what Janice McAfee’s doing these days and what she is doing, here’s the information you should be aware of.

Where is Janice McAfee Now?

Janice McAfee (nee Dyson) lives in San Francisco, California, with her three children. After McAfee’s arrest in Spain, Janice dedicatedly campaigned for his release and is currently looking for justice over his death, which she believes wasn’t caused by suicide. She wants to conduct an independent autopsy and hopes it will reveal more about the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband than authorities have largely stated. She has created an appeal to garner the support she needs, and an appeal was made in court.

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Because of the fact that there was no resolution to the investigation, the body of McAfee was not given to the family members, which caused additional stress for the family. “It’s difficult to describe what the past year has been like for me this year. I’m still unable to believe John has passed away. If you’ve not done so, join this petition to influence the Spanish authorities to allow John’s remains to be released so John can be finally laid to rest.” She posted in a tweet.

In Guatemala, Janice first met McAfee in 2013. She was an escort employed in the Miami Beach cafe. Even though there were nearly four decades of age gap between them, McAfee and Janice found an affinity with one another. “I had the pleasure of meeting John in the evening that he was exiled from Guatemala. John was as dejected as I did. I believe we shared similar feelings of sadness and emptiness with one another,” she said. For Janice, the union with McAfee was a way to escape her difficult, sometimes violent employers. In the Netflix documentary, she confesses that initially, she’d accepted the proposal to marry McAfee solely because she saw it as a way to escape. However, after a while, she was in love with him.

Being the closest to McAfee has made her an enemy of his, who was determined to use her to take advantage of McAfee. She confessed that she was threatened by cartels not just to monitor McAfee; however, at one point, they advised her to poison McAfee with poison. She was made to comply with their demands. However, she eventually decided to tell McAfee about what was going on, and they were able to find a way to settle the issue. After that, Janice and McAfee started making plans for their future together, and, based on their idea of Janice, McAfee founded a security and privacy firm called Future Tense Central. However, the company went downhill, and they were forced to leave the country again, this time to the Bahamas. From there, things were a blur.

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McAfee has established a solid social media following in which she posts photos of her husband and primarily promotes his cause. The documentary reveals that McAfee’s ex-wife, Samantha Herrera, disclosed that she received a call from a person that claimed to be McAfee and claimed that McAfee was a fake death spokesman. In response, Janice wrote: “Oh, how I wish that this was true. I’m certain he wouldn’t be hiding in Texas if John was alive. Texas is amazing.

However, John was detained in the Spanish prison due to the trumped-up charges brought against him by the IRS. Therefore, I doubt that it would be a good idea to seek from the authorities in America. This is nonsense.” While the loss of her husband is for the woman she loves, Janice continues to cherish the time they shared together and is working toward uncovering all the details of what transpired to him during his time in prison in the Spanish prison.

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