Where is John Bertrand’s Wife Rasa Bertrand Now

The Race of the Century is a tale of the underdog Australian team that set the bar high following their victory in America’s Cup in 1983, something that was never done before, at least not over the last more than 132 years, at the very least.

Many factors contributed to the success and the many individuals whose work had a profound impact on the direction of history but the team of John Bertrand who created this vision and saw it through. However, it was not an easy feat.

He had many ups and downs, and for all that was achieved, he could not do without his wife, Rasa Bertrand. If you’re wondering what she’s been up to lately and what she’s up to, we’ve got it covered.

Where is Rasa Bertrand Now?

Rasa Padgurskis Bertrand resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, John Bertrand. The couple has two children: Lucas and Andre, and one daughter who is named Sunshine. When John Bertrand became a household name thanks to his historic victory in America’s Cup in 1983, Rasa did her best to help her husband. To prepare for the event, Bertrand needed to go behind enemy lines in America and better understand the mechanics and technical aspects that would give his team and him the best chance of securing their bid for the trophy.

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Bertrand received a place at MIT; however, his family’s financial position was solid. He and Rasa had only married recently, and moving to America at the moment would not be effortless. Rasa was working as a nurse at the time, and it was her help that allowed Bertrand to pursue perfection and achieve his goal. In the Netflix documentary, he acknowledged that his determination to win America’s Cup could have caused problems in his marriage, particularly when he set out to prepare to win the next race should his winnings not come through in 1983.

It was Rasa’s knowledge about Bertrand and his goals that kept them going, and it wasn’t the first time that she’d done this. In the past, when Bertrand was a participant in the Munich Olympics and later Montreal, the two had gone through tough times. “Rasa and I grew up on a budget of 12 dollars per day and often slept on the back of the automobile. It was a great experience, and we certainly did manage to survive, and we gained a lot of knowledge,” he said.

Nowadays, Rasa enjoys a relaxed life with her husband. In the past, she’s stayed out of the limelight and led a quiet and private life as she could given the attention that her husband earned following the America’s Cup victory. Rasa has held various significant positions, such as the Deputy Chair of the Royal Flying Doctors Service in Victoria, which provides emergency rescue and non-emergency transport services and transport to regional and rural regions.

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In 1995, Rasa released a work entitled ‘One Australia The power of a Vision.’ In the book, she writes about her preparations for the America’s cup challenge of 1995. She also provides insight into the story of the individuals involved in winning the trophy in 1983. Beyond that, she has not spoken about Bertrand’s victory, their marriage, and their personal lives and prefers to keep her life free of the media spotlight.

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