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It was a little bit of a surprise to Jesse Edging to know that moving into a brand new house in Akron, Ohio, with his mother and partner, could turn into the worst nightmare. The mother of Jesse, Mary Rowles, became the silent witness when her co-partner, Alice Jenkins, subjected Jesse and his half-siblings to brutal torture and abuse. 

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Evil is Here: In the Closet The film chronicles the horrifying incident and reveals how the children were able to escape the nightmare they were confined to in. Let’s get into the details of this story and discover what happened to Jesse. Jesse is now, will we?

Who is Jesse Edging?

Jesse was raised by his mom, Mary Rowles, and four half-siblings. Mary became acquainted in a relationship with Alice Jenkins at a gay bar. Alice Jesse and Mary quickly became friends with each other, and soon, the couple, along with their children, were moved into a home situated in Akron, Ohio. While things were going great at first, Alice began disliking Jesse and Tyler because they frequently asked for attention from their moms. So, they were shackled to their beds when Alice was at work. However, they often managed to escape their confinement, making Alice keep them locked inside their bedrooms.

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Things soon became direr as the boys were deprived of food until they were weak and undernourished. In addition, they were removed from school and confined to their rooms throughout the day. Alice was brutal in her brutal punishments. After she discovered Jesse Tyler and Tyler talking to their school buddies, they were escorted into a dark room. For hours, locked in the closet, the boys could not even go outside to relieve themselves and were compelled to sleep in their urine.

In the same time frame, the child welfare officers were visiting their homes following complaints from other children. The problem was that Alice could fool the officers into thinking everything was fine, and the investigation was never able to progress. However, the situation became direr for the children when Alice began to subject Tyler to horrific physical abuse and even beat Tyler with a belt made of leather.

In addition, Tyler and Jesse were required to consume their waste because they dared request food after days of being starved. In the end, in a state of denial of the suffering any longer, the boys -they were Jesse and Tyler, together with another half-sibling, Darrell, were able to escape by jumping out of an open window on April 3, 2003. They were seen roaming around during the night before spotting an officer who believed in their tale and took Mary as well as Alice in custody.

Where is Jesse Edging Right Now?

After his escape, Jesse and his half-sibling Caleb were placed in Tallmadge’s foster care home. They lived there for a full year prior to being adopted by the Edgings family. They were based within Chardon, Ohio, and are known for fostering and adopting children who were in need. For many years, Jesse feared that Alice would come and take him away, and he would stay by the school’s window to ensure he was secure. Gradually, love and compassion helped him settle into a peaceful life.

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According to Arkon Beacon Journal, Jesse was involved in a harrowing incident in 2012, when three of his classmates were shot dead by a classmate from Chardon High School. According to the story, Jesse was left unaware of his mother’s fate throughout the years following Mary’s arrest. He even spoke to Alice to find out her motivations for justifying the torture.

In the year 2019, a report mentioned 2019 that Jesse studied physical therapy and taught Parkour as a sport to young children. Jesse is currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is a full-time Parkour Coach. He is in his late 20s right now. Jesse Edging is in an enthralling partnership with his long-time companion. He also has an intimate bond with his half-siblings from the other side. We wish him joy and peace are never far away in the years ahead.

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