Where is Jenifer Faison Now? Her Husband’s Cheating Mystery Revealed!

Which Spencer Herron’s ex-wife Jennifer Faison now? – ‘ Betrayal, an audiobook from Glass Entertainment Group and iHeartMedia, is a personal story of TV producer Jennifer Faison’s true-life fairytale turned wrong. It’s in the podcast where she tells us how she and her husband, Spencer Herron, had a double life for many years in which one was a loving instructor and partner, and the other was a predator of sexual genitals.

If you’re looking to learn more about her experiences (both before and after he became an integral part of her daily life) and her current location, we’ve got you covered.

Jenifer Faison, Who is She?

Jenifer Faison discovered Spencer Herron while finishing her bachelor’s degree in Communications. This resulted in a romantic relationship that ended after Jenifer completed her college degree. They came back together about two decades later, and it was like she’d found the perfect man, leading them to get married after a brief but unforgettable relationship.

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She believed she knew who her beloved husband was following seven years of marriage when she returned to her home after work on the morning of June 1st, 2018. and found her home searched and her husband in jail.

Spencer was known to have sexually raped his student on multiple occasions. Jenifer was unable to comprehend until she discovered his affair that began the week that they became married. Her husband had unsavory relationships with everyone, from family members to strangers and even ordinary acquaintances to family members, who reportedly lied to the people around him to justify his behavior.

His (often simultaneously) infidelity was reportedly caused by manipulation and lying because the wife was not supposed to be aware of the dark truth or the extent of his deceit.

What Happened to Jenifer Faison?

Jenifer Faison stated in her press release she issued for the podcast that “Spence was the last person I ever would have suspected would have taken advantage of a youngster, and I think anyone else who knew him would have said the same thing.” “Could this man I loved really be a sexual predator?” On this day, I realized my life was never ever the same. It is the final time that I met him, and our planned life was over.”

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In this way, Jenifer and Spencer split quickly. However, it took her time to come back from the hurt caused by his conduct. Jenifer is employed as an Executive Producer with Glass Entertainment Group in Acworth, Georgia, according to our sources. Jenifer is keen to keep her private life private nowadays, but we do know that she has been employed previously by Bravo TVBig Table Media and A+E, among others.

It’s not a surprise then that she’s served as an executive producer on shows such as “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Jersey Shore,” “Storage Wars,” “Celebrity Wife Swap,” and “Backyard Blowout.” Aside from’ Betrayal’, her most recent production, the HGTV series ‘Build It Forward..’

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