Where is Jenesis Sanchez Now?

Hulu’s “Look at Me: XXXTentacion” is the title of his breakthrough single. It can be described as an engaging yet unbiased documentary about Jahseh’s complicated life and death.

The documentary covers Jenesis Sanchez everything, from his motivation for the stage name XXXTentacion to his mental health struggles and even the allegations of domestic violence against him.

It also includes his tragic 2018 death. Now that we understand the lasting impact he had on his closest friends let’s learn more about the then-partner and mother of his child Jenesis Sanchez.

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Who Is Jenesis Sanchez?

Jenesis Sanchez is originally from Providence, Rhode Island. She moved to Tampa with her family as a young girl. This is why The Big Guava is her true home. According to reports, it was here that she met XXXTentacion through a mutual friend. This led to a long-lasting and positive relationship. Jenesis explains that “before me and Jah ever dated,” she said in the Hulu original. “We [weren’t] two people who [weren’t] looking for anything [romantic] whatsoever.” He wanted me to be his assistant at first.

Jenesis said, “Jha always viewed me as a nurturing, caring individual, and he felt very secure when he was around me, and so did I. He said, “You’re my girlfriend now,” around New Year’s Eve 2017. You don’t have the right to be here if that’s what you want, but if so, I’d love to be. She did mention that she felt like she was “walking upon shards” because she didn’t know what she would get.

Despite all these obstacles, Jenesis was happy with their domestic partnership. They were both excited to begin this new chapter together when she discovered she was pregnant. He was unfortunately killed in less than a month. This forced her to withdraw from the spotlight until Gekyume was born on January 26, 2019. Interestingly, X would have turned 21 on January 13, 2019. Gekyume (pronounced GEKYoom) is a different state or the next level of thought. Jahseh chose this name before his death,” Jenesis explained.

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Where Jenesis Sanchez Now?

Although there were legal disputes regarding Gekyume’s parentage and custody between Jenesis’s mother and X, they ended in 2020 with a confidential settlement. We do know that the rapper was his son via DNA. However, their online presence shows they can have wonderful relationships with their adorable 3-year-old daughter. Jenesis, a Florida-based Instagram Model and Public Figure, are also dedicated to her son’s happiness.

Jenesis stated that he would not lie about [XXXTentacion To Gekyume] in a 2019 interview. He’ll hear all about his dad 24 hours a day. I will tell him about my fond memories with Jahseh, his father. I will tell him how much my dad would have loved me. He will likely feel it more as he grows older, but I know he will be able to remember his dad.

In a letter that the now 24-year-old wrote to her boyfriend about her son, which she shared on her YouTube channel in 2021, she revealed that he calls her “papa” when he looks at old photos. Jenesis said, “It is a bittersweet moment every time. He is so handsome and full of personality. He is bright, intelligent, and full of energy. His little attitude is just like mine *scoff*. It does, however, warm my heart. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be the mother that I am today. This child will be loved and cared for until the end.

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