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ID’s “American Monster” contains the specifics of Samira Mbotizafy Frasch’s death. After Samira’s death, which occurred in the year 2014, their husband, Adam Frasch, was held as the main suspect. Several incriminating evidence and witness statements resulted in his conviction in 2017, and he was later sentenced to life in prison. He has continued to claim his innocence and has spoken about the case on television shows.

Following Adam Frasch’s murder and Samira’s conviction, people are more curious about their daughters, specifically Hyrah Frasch, who was groomed by her mom to become an ideal model for children.

Who is Hyrah Frasch?

Hyrah Frasch Samira Adam Frasch’s youngest daughter was only two years old when her mother passed away in 2014. Born in the year 2011, Hyrah gained the status of a prominent figure following her mother’s passing. Samira began dressing her in leopard print bows and other outfits with branded names. Hyrah has made several public appearances at derbies, Bahamas, and the Bahamas. Samira’s close friend Jackie Watson said that Samira was a devoted mother. Samira added, ” I want the girls to know about their mother that she was of the most beautiful human being, and she has class and love and compassion, and she loved them very much.”

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Hyrah is trained as a child model and has the option of having her own online social networking pages, eventually leading to the creation of a website. There are videos and photos of her shopping with her mom and attending various events, and being invited to stay in high-end hotels in tourist spots. Professional photographers frequently photographed Hyrah. Joel Silver, who was employed as a videographer by Samira, stated, “When you watch these videos, you’ll be able to notice. This isn’t a normal site. It is rare when Samira, Adam, and Hyrah walk down the street. It’s not something you’ll see every day.”

In the months before her death, she was caught in a bitter divorce with her spouse Adam. She had recently gained temporary custody of the children, and a large portion of Adam’s wealth was put up as the reason for motivation in this case. Additionally, Hyrah and her sister were removed from their homes moments before the time their mom was discovered dead.

There were custody allegations against Adam, although he said he took the children with the permission of Samira. In any event, when Adam Frasch was held as a person of interest, Hyrah and her younger sister were taken into custody by the brother of Frasch, who was in Omaha, Nebraska. The kids were kept from the spotlight as much as possible throughout the investigation.

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Where is Hyrah Frasch Now?

As Hyrah has not yet turned a major, specifics regarding her current location aren’t known to the public. However, we do know that she’s safe and sound under the care of a relative. The Facebook and Instagram accounts of Hyrah Frasch are still active. The Instagram profile of Hyrah Frasch that her mother created is still active, but there hasn’t been any activity since the death of Samira’s mother in 2014.

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