Where Is HGTV’s Saving The Manor Filmed?

HGTV’s Saving the Manor series follows Borja De Maqua and Dean Poulton as they renovate their winter home. The couple spoke of how renovations were necessary because they wanted to have a family. However, the stunning buildings, including a gregorian house, will surely awe viewers. The stunning Tudor-age architecture is not the only thing that has impressed the audience. They are also captivated by the breathtaking beauty of the manor. If you’ve ever wondered where “Saving the Manor” was shot, don’t worry, we have all the answers!

Saving the Manor Filming Locations

The film was filmed mainly in Dean and Borja’s manor in Coleshill in Warwickshire. A few scenes were also shot in Dorchester, Dorset, England, outside of Warwickshire’s west midland. Here’s a closer look at each location.

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Coleshill in Warwickshire

Coleshill, a small English town, is located in the West Midlands region of Warwickshire. The town is beautiful and has a charming English countryside feel. However, the river cole flows through it, which adds to its charm. Borja, a former agent in real estate and current surveyor, was attracted to the town by Dean, an architect, who bid on a large manor in March 2018.

The majority of scenes in “Saving the Manor” are shot inside Borja and Dean’s Coleshill house. This allows viewers to see the amazing architecture firsthand. Apart from a historic stables structure, the manor includes a main building with 65 rooms, a servants’ quarters and a Tudor-age caretaker’s cottage. It also contains a three-story manor house built in the Gregorian architectural style. The property also includes a gardener’s cottage, a piggery and lush gardens surrounding the old buildings.

It might interest readers to know that tourists can now rent the caretaker’s cottage on a temporary basis to experience the filming locations of “Saving the Manor.” The charming village surrounding the manor is a popular location for filmmakers. Many documentaries and TV shows have used it.

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Dorchester, Dorset

Dorchester is home to the headquarters and studios for Sand & Sushi, a high-end wallpaper manufacturer. Borja De Maqua and Dean Poulton use several custom Sand & Sushi wallpapers in their home to brighten it up. The wallpaper company’s owner was given a private tour of their estate by cameras. They also filmed her and her staff in their studio as they worked on custom wallpapers.

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