Where is HGTV’s First Home Fix Filmed

HGTV’s First Home Fix’ is a television show that features a real couple, Raisa Kudi and Austin Coleman. They are renovation experts and can help homeowners make their homes more affordable by following their strict budgets. The reality TV show shows how the couple uses their creative minds and sweat equity to make necessary improvements to their properties.

Raisa and Austin are on a home improvement tour, traveling in their van to their client’s homes. You will be curious about the filming locations of “First Home Fix” as there are many picturesque backdrops, including the couple’s homes.

Filming Locations for First Home Fix

“First Home Fix” is entirely shot in California, in particular in Greater Los Angeles. Principal photography for the first iteration was apparently started in late 2020 when Austin and Raisa shot the pilot for HGTV. It was completed in early 2022. Both Austin and Raisa have lived in the Golden State for several years. It makes sense that they reach out to clients within the state.

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California, located in the Western United States, is well-known for its diverse landscape. It makes it an ideal location for filming all types of productions. Let’s just follow the couple to see the locations featured in the show.

Greater Los Angeles, California

Greater Los Angeles is the second-largest metropolitan area in the United States, and all the key sequences for “First Home Fix” are shot there. They travel across the region to set up camp around the homes of their clients and do some renovations. The third episode of their debut season is filmed in Long Beach, California. They renovate a Cliff May home for Maycie and Chris.

Greater Los Angeles covers five counties: Ventura, San Bernandino Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. It is an important center for education, international trade and business, technology, sports, tourism, media, media technology, and business. Many tourist attractions include Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Corona del Mar. Also, the California African American Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and California African Museum of California.

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Other than ‘First Home Fix,’ Greater Los Angeles has been a major production location for many TV and movie shows such as Bullet Train, The Gray Man, and Legally Blonde.

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