Where is Grayson Boucher aka The Professor Now?

The documentary highlights how success does not always translate into lasting success. Untold, a Netflix documentary on the Fall of AND1′ and the Fall of AND1, is equally engaging and nostalgic.

This is because it centres around the brand inspired by street basketball, whose rapid and sudden demise after nearly a decade was so severe that some individuals had to simply leave.

And1 superfan who signed with the team Grayson “The Professor” Boucher was not one of those, yet his path to this point has always been fascinating, so let’s learn more about him, shall we?

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Who is Grayson “The Professor” Boucher?

Grayson, “The Professor” Boucher, was merely two when his father introduced him to the game of basketball. It took him to find a deep passion for it at four years old. But, even though there was not much streetball in the town located in Keizer, Oregon, that’s exactly what his passions shifted toward throughout his childhood, but he didn’t like the NBA. “Then I was in the high school level,” The Professor admitted in the first production, “and I was tiny. I was constantly eliminated from teams. I didn’t have any college offers. That was among my greatest heartbreaks.”

The Chemeketa community college basketball star chose to concentrate on being creative and different (like the idols he’d watched be on the AND1 Mixtapes), which eventually resulted in a lot more. The Professor had developed an entirely new set of abilities that led him to leap at the chance to try out for the year 2003’s AND1 Mixtape Tour “open run,” just to earn an appearance and the title. He was, admittedly, timid throughout his high school years; however, once he was signed to an AND1 contract and began to get comfortable with the crowds as well as the fame, lifestyle, and all the other things associated with being a professional.

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Where is Grayson “The Professor” Boucher Now?

Based on what we know, Grayson “The Professor” Boucher was among the main AND1 athletes advertised throughout the decade of 2000, but the relationship remained a mystery until And1 in January 2011. He had played in more than 30 countries to this point and was being featured on ESPN’s seven-season ‘Streetball’: The And1 Mixtape Tour’ reality series, and was featured on numerous magazines’ covers, as well as basketball-related shows.

He also launched the YouTube channel Professor Live in 2009 and keeps up to date by regularly uploading vlogs of vlogs reaction videos, as well as many other kinds of Serres.

Apart from being a prominent persona, the Professor is also an actor and an entrepreneur too. In addition, the Los Angeles resident has an uncredited appearance in the 2008 comedy “SemiPro,” and he also played the role of Sticky in the film 2011 “Ball Don’t lie” and was in the film ‘Hustle’ in 2022. In terms of his company, He is the proud chief executive of GlobalHooper, an apparel company that is driven by passion.

A brand sells basketball-themed streetwear like t-shirts, briefs, pullover hoodies with pullovers, space pants, tracksuits and many more. If you’d like to keep up-to-date with The Professor’s daily adventures, you can follow him on social media, and he’s extremely active.

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