Where is Ex-Spotify Legal Head Petra Hansson Now?

The Playlist drama from Netflix revolves around the birth and growth of the world’s most renowned music streaming platform, Spotify. The miniseries follows the history of the streaming service through the perspectives of those involved in its development, including the company’s legal director Petra Hanson.

As it turns out in the show, Petra left one of the most well-known Swedish lawyers to become part of Daniel Eck’s business in the beginning, before the company was even launched. The show focuses on the significance of a lawyer’s participation in the company’s creation and expansion; we’ve delved into the current state of affairs. Let us discuss what we know about similar!

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Who is Petra Hanson?

In 2007 Petra Hansson was a lawyer employed by Mannheimer Svartling, one of the world-renowned Swedish legal firms. Around a year prior to the release of Spotify, Petra joined the company and was able to represent its streaming services in negotiations with companies/music labels alongside his coworker Niklas Iverson.

Petra had a distinct voice in Spotify’s “tech geeks” who created Spotify. In tune with the music industry’s demands, Petra gained an image of being the proponent of a strict corporate style that could help his impulsive ideas, like allowing users to download their MP3 files to Spotify. Spotify client. ,” Sven Karlsson and Jonas Legionhuffwood wrote in the show’s text source “Spotify Untold.”

If Spotify founder Daniel Eck saw its streaming service as a “free-for-all” platform, Petra clarified to him that paying for the platform was superior and with the assistance of its partners who worked to make it happen. It was the first step in creating an ad-free edition of Spotify. In 2009 Petra was a part of Niklas along with Ken Parks to continue talks about launching Spotify across Europe and the United States. Petra was instrumental in negotiations with Edgar Bronfman Jr., the CEO at the time for Warner Music Group and Warner Music Group, to let Warner’s catalog be available through Spotify across Europe.

Petra served as Spotify’s General Counsel for a lengthy time. But, the role was changed in 2013, the year that the streaming company decided to offer an unpaid version of their mobile application. Ken Parks, who became content director, conducted the discussions at the time. Even though Petra was still a part of Spotify, she resigned as the general counsel in order to serve as the attorney in charge of music streaming’s license negotiations.

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Where Is Petra Hanson now?

Where Is Petra Hanson now

Petra Hanson left Spotify in 2017 after having worked for the company for 10 years at the company’s Stockholm headquarters. “Spotify is losing an exceptional executive. Engaging in conversation with Petra always implies that you’re dealing with the top executives,” a senior company source claimed. The source told Music Business Worldwide after his departure.

After his departure from Spotify, Petra focused on acting as an investor and advisor for startups and other businesses. In February 2019, Petra joined Stockholm-based sample licensing company Tracklib offered the possibility of downloading 70,000 tracks to Sampler when she joined it, along with Petra’s previous Spotify coworker Niklas Iverson, who was a member of the company’s advisory board.

“Petra and Niklas have decades of experience in the areas that are most important to us,” said Tracklib CEO Par Almquist in a press release. In June 2020, Par Almqvist told an interview Petra was “brilliant” and helping the company with commercial and legal issues. According to reports, Petra is currently living in Sweden’s Greater Stockholm Metropolitan Area in Sweden. She also has decided to keep her private life secret.

Petra Hansson net worth

Let’s begin with Petra Hansson’s net worth because everyone on the Internet is asking questions about it! Unfortunately, Petra Hansson’s net worth isn’t known at the moment. But, as per the same source, the annual pay for an employee of Spotify Corporate Counsel is expected to be $167,511. Daniel Ek receives EUR336,462 in total compensation for his work at Spotify Technology S.A. as chairman of the board, chief executive officer, and co-founder. In Spotify Technology S.A., 17 executives receive more than the average, with Dawn Ostroff receiving the highest amount of salary, which is $7,484,030.

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Why Did Petra Hansson Quit Spotify?

Hansson, as well as Keeling, are among the most prominent executives to quit Spotify in a year that has seen tense music business licensing talks that have seen a number of high-profile departures.

The group includes chief revenue officer Jeff Levick, content chief Ken Parks, EMEA sales director Jonathan Forster, and the head of label relations Steve Savoca.

Savoca, a popular name among rights-holders, became a member of Apple Music to lead Apple Music’s New York office in a position of label relations.

After Keeling and Hansson’s departure, the final charge for licensing is set to be entrusted to Horacio Gutierrez, the Spotify General Counselor who is based in New York.

Since Spotify could not sign long-term contracts with a big label (and Merlin), these parties have been able to negotiate new streaming licensing contracts with SoundCloud, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Amazon.

The Spotify negotiations remain in limbo. The streaming service would like the labels to agree to the possibility of a reduction from a 55 percent revenue share to just 52 percent or even 51 percent.

In the last month, Spotify announced that it created 1,000 new positions around New York.

It is thought that these new roles could be at the expense of expansion in Sweden in Sweden, in which Daniel Ek has previously noted that running a huge-scale enterprise is becoming extremely expensive. Music Business International

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