Where is Ex-Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Steve Calkins Now?

An investigation has concluded that Steve was innocent. Felipe’s family suspects foul play. The FBI and The Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigated various methods, including hiding a GPS device inside Steven’s vehicle and cadaver dogs.

However, no new evidence came out that could lead to identifying or locating Terrance or Felipe. But, it was revealed on the program that investigators obtained the call transcript that showed Steve appealed for a tow at the dispatch. The recording contained instances of racial insults and contradictory assertions on Steve’s part.

Is Steve Calkins Today?

Steve was dismissed in 2004 for being uncooperative during the investigation and presenting contradicting statements. Although no timeframe is established, he relocated to Iowa immediately after his removal from the department. The records reveal that Steve resided in the southeast in the city located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 2014 and then moved to the northeastern part of town. It was also reported that he resided there with his family.

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Each of Terrance, as well as Felip, has been declared deceased following their disappearance for five years. In the year 2018, Marcia sought the assistance of an experienced attorney for civil rights, Ben Crump, to bring a wrongful death suit against Steve. The lawsuit was submitted to a neutral third party or non-binding arbitral tribunal that concluded there was no evidence incriminating Steve in the disappearance of Terrance, even though the arbitrator deemed Steve to be uncooperative. The arbitration was reopened and entered into a judgment, which led to Steve being found innocent, and Marcia was not awarded any compensation for her claims.

In December 2020, Crump filed a motion to reconsider and request a fresh trial. However, he was rejected after an appeal in January 2022. Steve is in his 60s and is likely to reside within Cedar Rapids with his loved family members. Steve keeps a low profile and has stayed clear of divulging details about his private life and his current home.

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