Where is Esequiel Fonseca’s Killer Mark Arthur Now?

Netflix’s “I Am A Killer Honorable Intentions’ follows the life of Esequiel Fonseca, who was murdered in his car along the Texas 8 Beltway while returning to work in December of 1996. His wallet was missing, and police initially thought that it resulted from a burglary. However, following some quick arrests and careful investigation, the case was determined to be premeditated murder.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the case’s particulars, including the identity and the current location of the murderer, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get into the investigation. Now let’s get started, shall we?

How Did Esequiel Fonseca Die?

Esequiel “Big Zeke” Fonseca worked for Crown Cork and Seal, today known as Crown Holdings, Inc., located within Sugar Land, Texan City in Sugar Land. His wife was Carmen Cantu Fonseca for 25 years. The couple resided at Sagemont, Houston. The couple had four children. Among them is Esqeuiel “Little Zeke” Fonseca, Jr. The family may appear to be the typical American family. However, the tragedy was waiting to be discovered.

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On December 22, 1996, a group of construction workers was at work in the Texas 8 Beltway when they discovered an unmarked black Lincoln in the middle of the block that was on the other side of the road. One of the crew members, Johnny Mendoza, noticed an individual lying on the steering wheel and immediately called paramedics. Responders arrived on the scene and declared the victim had died while the officers were notified. It was determined that the victim’s name was Big Zeke, and he was killed seven times in the torso, head, and neck. Additionally, his wallet had been missing. Police also discovered 9mm bullet casings on the scene.

Who Killed Esequiel Fonseca?

When the police arrived at the scene of the crime, Carmen was also seen at the scene. She stated that she was unaware of the murder and was worried about her husband’s inability to return home from work last night. When she received a phone message from his colleague early in the morning about Big Zeke not reporting to work, She decided to return to the path her husband took on his way to work. She could see his vehicle and the police on the scene and decided to stop. She even agreed to go to the police station to make an account.

The detectives began looking into the incident and concluded that Big Zeke was likely shot while his car was moving. They did not need to hunt for a suspect for very long. On December 23, 1996, the Angleton officer attempted to arrest the white Cadillac to be booked for a traffic offense and pursued the car for ten blocks but was able to locate the vehicle empty. The driver fled, and the officer discovered 13 rounds of ammunition 9mm inside. The vehicle was stolen, and the owner filed an incident report on December 20, 1996.

The next day the next Angleton officer was booked in the 1993 Saturn for violating traffic laws. The vehicle was also reported stolen, and the officer was able to arrest the teen Mark Sam Arthur for driving. The officer also discovered an equipped Glock 9mm pistol in the vehicle. The ballistic report indicated that the gun’s casing the gun was identical to those found at the scene of the murder at the murder scene of Big Zeke, and Mark was charged with murder.

The threads slowly started to unravel as investigators found a connection with Mark and Carmen. Mark was a part of the Maniaclatin Disciple Nation, a Houston street gang, of which Little Zeke was also a member. Both used to commit robberies. After Little Zeke was arrested, Mark was a regular guest in the Fonseca residence. There was an allegation that Mark was involved in an affair with Carmen, which led to her becoming pregnant (resulting in an unplanned miscarriage) and Big Zeke threatening him. Mark is believed to have killed him to secure his place within his family, the Fonseca family.

On the other hand, Mark said that he had witnessed his sister being abused as she was in her youth and that he was adamant about not allowing the perpetrators. After he spotted Carmen being assaulted by her husband, Mark beat Big Zeke, who threatened to take revenge. Thus, Mark decided to kill him in self-defense. Another theory suggested that Carmen was a hired gun by Mark and his accomplice, Mason Hughes, aged 16, to kill her husband for $220,000 in life insurance.

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Where is Mark Arthur Today?

Mark admitted in front of the authorities that he returned to the scene later to take the victim’s wallet, which contained just $33. He saw the victim writhing and then shot him several times. The result was that, regardless of the real motive, the Harris County jury convicted Mark on the allegations of aggravated robbery and capital murder. He was sentenced to death on February 11, 1998.

But, he could stay away from execution as the death sentence was reduced to life in the year 2005 on the grounds of his age. According to court records, he is currently imprisoned in a prison cell at the William P. “Bill” Clements Unit in Amarillo, Texas. Per the inmate’s records, he is allowed to be paroled on December 17 17th, 2037.

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