Where is Douglas Couch’s Killer Linda Couch Now?

According to a study conducted by the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, about 10 million people are victimized by their intimate partner in America on average. Netflix’s ‘I am a killer: Trapped The film tells the tale of a domestic violence victim that takes on an unsettling twist that involves the killing of Douglas Couch in Ohio in October 1984.

If you’re already intrigued by the incident and wish to know more about the case in greater detail, including the identity and location of the killer, then we’ve provided you with all the information you need. Let’s get started with a question, do we?

How Did Douglas Couch Die?

Linda Lee Couch was still in her teens when she was first introduced to Douglas Walter Couch at a wedding reception. They bonded immediately, and a few months later, Douglas Couch proposed to her, and the two were married. They had three gorgeous children, two daughters and one son. They were an ordinary couple to the people who lived living in Price Hill, Ohio. However, something was wrong with the heart of the family and eventually led to a tragic event in the month of October 1984.

On October 14 on October 14, 1984, Linda spoke to her mother-in-law and her kids that Walter was gone following a heated argument with her. Everyone was aware Walter was not without anger. However, his parents were concerned when they didn’t hear from him for ten days. Walter’s father decided to take charge of Linda and investigate the hole she made him, the kids, and even an acquaintance dig in the backyard due to drainage problems. He found his son’s corpse wrapped in a carpet roll and then buried in the same hole they dug in the yard on October 23, 1984.

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In response to reports from neighbors of an incident at home, police were on the scene and discovered the horrific crime. Walter’s autopsy report revealed that there was a gunshot wound on the head that had perforations in the brain and skull. The gunshot wound that was the most severe was located just in front of the right ear. The bullet fragment was found in the rear of the skull. It was on the right-hand side of the head’s back. According to the prosecutor’s report, it could have been an execution bullet intended to be eliminated.

Who Killed Douglas Couch?

The police officers did not have to investigate much, as Linda immediately admitted to the crime. Linda told her that Walter was known to beat and abuse her to death, as did their daughter Roxanne Raquel Wagner. The woman claimed that Walter often hit them for the slightest mistake and he would target Roxanne particularly, and Linda took some of her beatings to safeguard her daughter. Linda claimed that Walter often brought his friends to his house and watched them sexually assault Linda.

According to Linda, according to Linda, the situation became out of hand after she enrolled in a college of training for nurses. On October 13, 1984, Walter used a firearm to menace her. The fight ensues, and Linda claims that she mistakenly shot Walter. Though it was her own version of the events, she claimed that she didn’t tell anyone about it at the time since her lawyer had told her not to. In the meantime, investigators determined to investigate the time frame of the incident and found evidence to indict Linda. The Couch family lived in Walter’s family home for 13 years before his parents donated him the home in 1983.

According to the reports, Linda forged the deed to register the house in her name on September 28, 1984. The children were told on October 8 that they’d spend their time at their grandparents’ house. She then went to Van Leunen’s department shop in Cincinnati on October 9, 1984, to purchase a .22 caliber semi-automatic gun and bullets. The final nail that was thrown into her coffin came from her youngest daughter Roxanne’s testimony in the courthouse, in which she painted her mother’s image as a scheming self-centered woman who had been putting funds aside and taking loans from banks for weeks before the murder.

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Where is Linda Couch Today?

Together with the evidence and evidence provided by her testimony of her daughter, Linda was convicted of the charge of murder aggravated in the hands of the Ohio jury. The jury sentenced her to life in prison on March 18, 1985. According to official court records, she’s currently incarcerated in a prison cell in the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville, Ohio. The next date for parole eligibility is December 1, 2023, according to her records as an inmate.

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