Where is Dom Gabriel From The Mole Now?

The reboot of ABC’s original cult-classic competition series, “De Mol,” Netflix’s “The Mole” is nothing short of riveting. It centers on 12 players, well, 11 and one saboteurs, as they attempt to solve a variety of problems while trying to find the traitor in their group in order to win the prize pot. The uber-sincere Dom Gabriel was one of them, but he was unfortunately eliminated in episode 4. Here’s what we know about him.

The Mole Journey by Dom Gabriel

Dom managed to be a real contender from the beginning by playing straight and making close, trusted connections. His strategy was to quickly put money into the pot while also forming close alliances to try to eliminate the moles by trusting and working together. He could easily have slipped into an unamiable position, as he is 6’4″ tall and covered in tattoos. However, his soft personality was too great not to take the lead.

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Dom’s sole motivation to take part in the reality show was to make money for his mother, which earned him many brownie points from the host, cast mates and the audience. The Toronto native, who was raised by her alone in Toronto, said that he considers her his best friend and has always wanted to give back to her in whatever way, shape or form. He was so grateful to be given a chance to go back to the contest after his elimination. But he failed.

Dom Gabriel is missing.

According to our knowledge, Dom still resides in Toronto, Canada. He is a warehouse worker and a singer-songwriter. On his Instagram, Dom has been calling himself “Netflix’s original rockstar,” which represents his confidence. His feed is filled with music, professional modeling shoots and memories, as well as his emotional, nerdy side.

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It’s also important to note that Dom is both a passionate boxer and a lyrical dancer. In Netflix’s Tulum, his steady job is as a Heavy Machinery Operator at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. You can stream his singles on Spotify now. Dom’s career is just beginning, and we are excited to see where it takes him next.

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