Where is Dolly Martinez From My 600-lb Life Now?

We’ve all heard that TLC’s ‘My 600-lb Lifestyle tells the stories of obese people who attempt to change leaves and embrace healthier lifestyles. This isn’t as simple as it sounds in the end, especially since the whole process involves physical and mental elements that complicate things. So, while some can accomplish their goals thanks to the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, others, like Season 10, with Dolly Martinez, isn’t that effective. We’ve got your back if you’re interested in learning more about her and how she’s doing.

Dolly Martinez’s My 600-lb Life Journey

When we first met Dolly Martinez as a 25-year-old who’s been having mobility, hygiene, congestive heart failure, and breathing problems in the past because of her size, she’s been huge throughout her life. Her unhealthy relationship with food started when she was a young girl when her father decided to pursue his drug addiction over his family and left her mother to care for them by herself. The problem only worsened after Dolly discovered she had ADD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder as well as Bipolar Disorder during her time in kindergarten.

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That’s when Dolly started to feel as if she was being judged and compelled her to seek another source of comfort in the only thing she was certain wouldn’t judge or harm her food. So, she weighed in at 120 pounds at seven years of age, but it resulted in an unending bullying cycle that saw her reach the 300 lb threshold at the age of 15 or 16. Her mom, Staci, who had come out as a lesbian couple of years earlier, was not helping her in any way because she was forced to endure comments about the subject of her own. Dolly eventually dropped out of high school and joined Job Corps, but with no result.

It was reported that the Fort Worth native could not manage her own health or work for long due to her health issues, and food was her primary concern. This increased when her father deliberately took meth and overdosed. That’s around the same time she was living with her partner-turned-husband, Ricky, who she claimed not only served as her enabler but was also abusive. Therefore, only six days after Dolly gave birth to the child of their marriage, CPS handed the baby over to Staci, who received full legal custody in the space of a year. Dolly was moved in with the other couple a little while later before finally deciding to change her behavior.

With a weight of 593 pounds, Dolly initially seemed determined to strive for a better life and a “more normal life,” however, she soon revealed her frustration by expressing anger over her mum for not being able to ease her into the routine. She was not a fan of the diet and let her lusts overpower her. And even went so even as to flee Staci to an emergency shelter for the homeless if their views diverged over the top. Not only that, Dolly had a brief time back to Ricky as a sister-wife before getting married to Philip, who she had been able to meet at the shelter but they got engaged within six months. They lived on disability benefits in a Houston hotel, which was a situation that no one liked.

Where is Dolly Martinez Now?

Dolly Martinez believed that the weight loss surgery could solve all of her issues. But, after losing just 40 pounds over one year and making no improvement in her behavior even after a visit to a psychologist Matthew Paradise, Dr. Now did not agree with her. He told her he’d continue working alongside her as long as she sticks to his program, sees a therapist every month at least, and begins to take on her own responsibility for her life. However, it will be long before she’s ready to go to the next stage.

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The need for accountability and independence was her expectation, and it appears that Dolly is gradually striving to attain that. Social media doesn’t show a substantial weight loss after the shooting of her show. However, she’s definitely closer to her daughter now than prior. It’s unclear if she’s living in Houston along with Phillip or if she’s returned back to Fort Worth for good. However, her being bonded to her daughter is definitely a positive sign. In all honesty, we wish all the best for her from this point on.

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