Where is Daniel Wozniak’s Ex-Fiancé Rachel Buffett Now?

The Final Act focuses on the double murders that occurred between Samuel “Sam” Herr and Juri “Julie” Kibuishi. The entire investigation is being thoroughly delved into to discover the issue’s root. The show also focuses on the connection between the two victims and the manhunt that the wrong person conducted (Sam) and that of Daniel Wozniak, his wife Rachel Mae Buffett, and everything else related to them. However, if you’d like to find out more about her currently, regardless of her background, her possible involvement in the investigation, and the legal consequences or current status, We’ve covered it.

Who is Rachel Buffett?

Raised in a family of love as a creative and dreamer in the gorgeous cities along the coast of Seal Beach and Long Beach, Rachel Mae Buffett is a California native by nature. She was the Disney Princess at “The Happiest Place On Earth” before choosing to pursue the field of community theater. There, she encountered Daniel Wozniak the first time she worked on the production. Both actors were in love shortly after, which led to their engagement and an elaborately-planned beach wedding scheduled for May 28, 2010, only to have the wedding never occur.

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It’s because, while her neighbor Sam and his companion Julie were murdered on May 21 and May 22, 2010, respectively, Daniel was arrested in connection with the same incident (from his bachelor celebration) on May 26. Rachel did talk to her fiancé in a recorded jailhouse call the next day, and only for him to confess in a way that shocked her and forced her to reach out to police at the Costa Mesa Police Department herself.

Later, the actress was accused of lying to the police on three separate occasions. The first was about being present with a different party at their home the night of the incident and a claim Daniel did not make, which she verified. Rachel was then accused of three accessory charges following the fact in November of 2012 and swiftly agreed not to be guilty.

Where is Rachel Buffett Now?

Rachel left Orange County Jail on a bond of $50,000 (reduced from $100k) at the end of December 2012, which meant she could remain in custody until she appeared for the charges she was charged with. Her ex-fiancee was arraigned for murder in the first instance. However, the defense team repeatedly claimed she was manipulating the proceedings in the trial. The claim that she was responsible for the murders does not have any evidence to support it.

In September of this year, Rachel was found guilty of two accessory charges after the incident and was later sentenced to 32 months of confinement in Orange County Jail; 24 for one and 8 for the second. We must also note that she was given the credit of 79 days for the time she had already served and another 79 days in exchange for her good conduct over the years. This means that around five months were cut off. “I hope my silence hasn’t been misinterpreted as callous,” Rachel stated in her sentence hearing. “I’m also so sorry that any of my actions caused more pain to the Herr and Kibuishi families.”

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She added, “I wish Sam and Julie were here today. I would have liked to have done something to help them. I wish I had never had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Wozniak. I wish I’d never allowed him in my life. I would like to see him as the deceiver and manipulator was his character from the beginning. I would like to know if I have some way to stop this situation right now. My heart is with families like the Herr and the Kibuishi families. They remain in my prayers and thoughts.” According to what we’ve seen, Rachel Mae Buffett was released from prison in the year 2019, and she has since opted to keep her life away from the spotlight.

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