Where is Colin Brough’s Killer Steve Jones Now?

A Chance Encounter’ reveals that the simmering tensions and conflict between two students caused a shootout in the parking lot at Flagstaff, Arizona, in 2015. After the dust had settled, Colin Brough died, with three of his companions wounded. The person who killed him for the murder was Steve Jones, then only just a teenager. If you’re curious about what transpired to Steve after the incident and what he’s doing in the future, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Steve Jones?

Steven “Steve” Edward Jones was born in Glendale, Arizona, and was educated at home by his mother. In his youth, he was a musician, played instruments, and was interested in photography. He was Warren Jones’s son, served in the Navy, and was a National Rifle Association certified instructor. Thus, Steve was raised around firearms and the help of his dad in how to hunt and self-defense. Warren even gave his son a firearm before the teenager could attend university.

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The news reported that Steve had had problems in the past, and in July 2014, the parents of a girl he was dating issued the court with an order against Steve. The parents claimed that Steve did not adhere to their previous arrangement of having her only at times when their parents were present. The court records indicate that the girl was 16 years old and ran to Steve’s residence, and his parents claimed that she had admitted to using marijuana and engaging in sexual sex. By the end of August, Steve was in Flagstaff to take a course at Northern Arizona University. Although he experienced some difficulties getting used to the new routine, he was improving.

On October 8, Steve was studying for the entrance exam to The Sigma Chi fraternity before heading out for a night with Shay McConnell, Jake Mike, and Hunter Todd. They parked Steve’s vehicle in a parking lot and then played video games during the party for around an hour. As per the report, Steve said he only had a glass of beer, with his blood test showing the absence of cannabis or alcohol. Sometime during the early hours of October 9, 2015, members of the team realized Hunter was not there.

The issue began when they inspected the apartment where the Delta Chi party was going on. But Hunter had been at a separate event. The crowd members of Delta Chi partygoers confronted Steve and two of his friends. Nick Piring, one of Colin Brough’s closest friends, stated that Colin demanded Steve and his companions leave and was screaming obscenities at the group. Steve stated that his friends threatened him with murder also. Amid the melee, someone hit Steve on the face, which caused him to lose his glasses and the dental bridge. The group of friends started sprinting towards his car.

Steve told the police he had found the key fob that would unlock his car but couldn’t locate the key to go into the ignition. Then, he pulled out the Glock from his glove compartment. Although Steve initially claimed to have stood just a few feet from his vehicle when he fired his first time, evidence proved that the gunman was walking about 90 yards toward the crowd. Steve then fired the gun using the flashlight towards the crowd and claimed the gun was fired after Colin and Piring were chasing the group. Both were shot two times, and Colin eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Steve stated that he had put the gun away to provide first aid to both students. However, he said someone tried to steal the firearm and place him in a chokehold. In the resulting fight, Steve got a hold of the gun and fired it. At the moment, Steve believed he would be killed if he let other gunmen take it. However, his firing through the air resulted in wounded two other people. In the ten shots Steve shot, seven struck the students. Then, he walked into the police station and confessed to the shootings. Steve was scared when his name was recorded in the patrol car. He demanded to speak with his mother.

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Where is Steve Jones Today?

In Steve Jones’ trial in April 2017, his lawyers argued that he was acting in self-defense and claimed that he was scared for his life after the shooting began. The prosecution, however, claimed that Steve had been reckless and asked why it wasn’t enough for him to remain in his car in the event of the incident. However, in May of 2017, the court declared a mistrial in Steve’s case because the jury was in a deadlock. The jury couldn’t agree on what they thought Steve was guilty of.

Then, following several delays and delays, in January of 2020, Steve agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter as well as three counts of assault that aggravated. At the age of 23, he was sentenced to 6 years of prison. Steve admitted in court, “If it was possible, I’d today trade places to Colin Brough. I’d do it if he was in his home with his family and I were dead. However, that’s not the case.” The prison records reveal that he’s still in the Whetstone Unit in Tucson, Arizona. He’ll be allowed to be released by August of 2024.

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