Where is Claire Rothman Now? Her True Story

HBO’s “Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is a ten-part drama series. It depicts the rise of the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1980s and their dominance. The show’s ensemble cast is featured and picks up in 1979 and Jerry Buss purchased the team.

Claire Rothman is also presented to the viewers by Gaby Hoffmann. She would become the president of the Forum, the place where the Lakers play their home games.

Claire was a leader in her field. We’re here to tell you that Where is Claire Rothman Now?

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Where is Claire Rothman Now?

Claire got married shortly after she graduated high school. She skipped college and chose to work in her husband’s supply and hotel business. Claire and her husband raised their son and daughter together. Claire devoted most of her energy to the company. She stated, “We had all major hotels and hospitals of Philadelphia and Atlantic City as customers.” I worked in finance. I was in the finance end, and I managed the records. I also oversaw the controller. I was married for twenty years and worked every day.

After a divorce in 1967, Claire started working as a bookkeeper at the Spectrum arena in Philadelphia. She was promoted to the business manager within a year and a half. Claire’s work with her husband’s business was a huge advantage for her new job. She stated, “I felt for large numbers.” A household might think of an electric bill as $10-12. But at Spectrum, it was $75,000 per year to heat the building. My husband owned a large business with many facets. It was not so overwhelming for me.

Claire, who had previously worked in Florida and Ohio in the past, was hired in 1975 by the Forum’s former-owner Jack Kent Cooke. It was actually Claire who got Jerry Buss to contact Jack. The meeting resulted in Jerry purchasing the Forum and Lakers in one of the largest franchise sports sales history. Claire rose to the position of Forum president. She was responsible for planning the home games of the Lakers (an NHL team) and filling in the blank dates with other performers.

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Claire landed many famous artists of that time, including Duran Duran and Prince. She also had an amazing knack for making artists happy. Claire was well connected and had arrangements with local promoters, so many incredible acts visited the Forum. Larry Vallon, then vice president of Universal Amphitheater in California, was always considered to be among the most respected in the business. He said that many building managers wouldn’t meet artists throughout their lives. Claire is a celebrity that artists will go to great lengths to meet. Her reputation is unparalleled in the industry.”

Is Claire Rothman Missing?

Claire quit the Forum in 1995 in order to become a Ticketmaster employee. She then retired in 1999. She has served on numerous boards, including Reprise Theater Company and the Music Center of Los Angeles County, since 1995. Claire, now in her 90s and living in Las Vegas with Edwin Hill, is now a Nevada resident. Their union has lasted nearly four decades. She enjoys retirement and loves to go to live shows with her friends. Claire also spoke about “Winning Time” and another documentary on the Lakers. She said that she was eager to see them both since “any publicity could be good publicity.”

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