Where is Ciera Harp Now?

The death of an aspiring young rapper, believed to be a consequence of self-defence, later proved to be murder in cold blood. His mother’s child murdered Rahim Grant in the year 2017. A video recorded by a cellphone opened the case and sealed the fate of the murderer.

Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly women Tainted Love’ examines Rahim’s demise by Ciera Harp, one of the three horrific violent acts that are shown on the program. Do you want to know what transpired to Rahim and what happened to Ciera, and what Ciera is now? We’ve got you covered.

Quiz: Who’s Ciera Harp?

Ciera Harp was employed as a nightclub promoter when she was the age of 24 when she first met Rahim Grant. She was drawn to Rahim, and following the meeting, Rahim was hired to help promote his performances and appearances. From the start, it was apparent that things were not going as planned. In the program, it was revealed that just two months following their first meeting, Ciera spiked Rahim’s drink, following which they were able to have sexual relations. Ciera had a baby, and she gave birth to a baby girl who was born with Rahim becoming the father.

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According to Rahim’s mother, Geraldine Grant Bryson Ciera had been in love with it Rahim and had a turbulent relationship with Rahim. The whole thing came to an end on December 29, 2017. Ciera lived with Rahim and their son in their home in Clayton County, Georgia. In the evening, Ciera went to their neighbour’s house bleeding profusely and her daughter beside her. Police were called, and Ciera said she was assaulted by Rahim, which led her to kill and shoot the attacker in self-defence.

The authorities had a tendency to take her story at first. However, they discovered video footage on Rahim’s cell phone, which proved her claims of self-defence were no basis in reality. The authorities took a long time to discover the evidence from the video and what they found was shocking, to be honest. The night following the incident, they had an argument, after which Rahim began to record the incident in a video. In the video, Rahim is seen saying that Ciera attacked him with a knife. Over the next few hours, Ciera turned the video off and back on as the terror unfolded.

Ciera can be heard on the radio screaming at Rahim, claiming she was abused by him for the last four years, as she shot Rahim repeatedly before their child. Rahim is recorded as warning Ciera not to shoot as it could put her in jail; however, Ciera was heard screaming that she did not even. In the footage, Rahim begs for water and the chance to hug his daughter but to not able to. In the end, Ciera shot Rahim seven times and killed the man. The show stated that she killed Rahim seven times. Show that in order to create the appearance of self-defence, she subsequently inflicted self-inflicted wounds with a knife. The video evidence proved she did not suffer any injuries in the prior shooting.

Who Is Ciera Harp? Where is she now?

On May 22, 2019, 29-year-old Ciera Harp was found to be guilty of killing Rahim Grant. She was found guilty of five charges of aggravated assault, one count of voluntary manslaughter, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Ciera’s mom had harsh words toward her daughter during her hearing. The court heard her claim that Ciera was a manipulative, lying liar and even went as far as to suggest sterilizing her to ensure that she wouldn’t be able to have children.

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But her uncle painted a positive photo of her, explaining that she endured mental, physical, and sexual assault at an early age. Ciera apologizes to Rahim’s mom during her appearance in the courtroom. She told her mother, “I was not in my best mental state. If I hadn’t been drinking, I would never have taken place. Madame. Grant Bryson, I am deeply sorry.” In June of 2019, Ciera was sentenced to a total of one hundred and 125 years in prison. According to prison records, she is still in the Pulaski State Prison in Hawkinsville, Georgia.

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