Where is Christopher McCowen Now | Is He Behind The Bars?

A Murder on the Cape”is an episodic two-parter which traces the efforts involved in the investigation of Christa Worthington’s death. Christa had been a widowed mom and a resident of Truro, Cape Cod, in Massachusetts in the United States when she was shot dead in the month of January, 2002. The 46-year old mother left Ava who was just two and one-half an year old at moment of the incident. If you’re interested about what transpired and the location Ava is now We’ve got the details.

Who is Christa Worthington’s Daughter?

Christa relocated from New York to Truro in Truro from New York in 1997. In the year 1997 she was planning to have a baby. According to an ex-boyfriend “She was having this baby in her head and I believe she believed that it would be a good location to start. The problem was that she wasn’t married and did not have a boyfriend.” Shortly after arriving in the city, Christa met Tony Jackett the nearby man married and had six children.

The couple began their affair that lasted about two years. In the end, despite being told she’d struggle to bear a child, Christa realized she was expecting. The affair ended with Christa choosing to hold the baby while making it secret the fact that Tony is the dad. Ava became a mother in May of 1999 and two years after, Tony did tell his wife, Susan, about the affair and the baby.

Christa later wanted Tony to pay child support The family had reached an agreement where Susan was ok with Tony having a relationship Ava. In the month of January, 2002 Christa died after being stabbed inside her home. Ava was found at her side and uninjured. it appeared that the girl attempted to wash her mother’s body in addition to trying to feed her. Authorities believed that Christa was in a state of death for 36 hours, and left Ava to her own with her body.

The investigation was ongoing, and a fight for custody of Ava was also underway. Just a few months prior to Christa’s passing, she named her two friends Cliff as well as Amyra Chase as her guardians. The will of her mother stated that in the event that anything happened to her then Cliff and Amyra Chases would take care of her daughter. Amyra was Christa’s high school buddy At that time, she as well as her husband were proud parents of four children.

Where is Christa Worthington’s Daughter Today?

On June 2, 2002, courts decided it was appropriate that Chases and Tony could be joint custodians, with the former having sole custody over Ava. The court did not rule that Tony was given a decision-making role in Ava’s health and education, in addition to other things. Following the time that Christopher McCowen was found guilty of murdering Christa Amyra’s testimony was read out in the courtroom. It read “Ava endured a day and a half that was so terrible that to say she was not brutally victimized would be an understatement.”

In addition, Amyra’s declaration stated “The the first day I went to school, I stood with such joy and an ache that Christa was not present. Christa was denied the pleasure and joy in raising her child.” Ava was sent to live with the Chases in Cohasset, Massachusetts. In 2017, she was accepted to college, and as per the report, she was a popular student and well-adjusted. In addition, Ava maintained a good connection with her father’s family. In addition Ava has decided to keep her personal life in the shadows and very little is publicized about her.


In this winter an unsettling murder has left inhabitants from Truro, Massachusetts, in stupor. Christa Worthington was a well-known fashion writer, was murdered at her residence, which led to an extensive investigation to locate the culprit. The police ended up searching for Christopher McCowen, who provided several stories of what he was involved in during the crime. If you’re wondering about what actually transpired, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Christopher McCowen?

On the 6th of January 2002, Christa died after being stabbed in the home, with her daughter at her by her side. The authorities uncovered samples of DNA from the deceased, indicating she had sexual relations with someone before her death. The authorities then attempted the controversial method of obtaining the DNA of each male in Truro. After more than three years after the lab found the genetic evidence. It was found to match Christopher, who was detained in April of 2005.

Christopher was a regular collector of Christa’s garbage. At the time of his arrest, he worked for a company that moved. At first, he was questioned as a possible suspect and was able to provide a DNA sample on March 4, 2004. In the end, more than an entire year later, results suggested that he was the one who contributed to the saliva and semen from Christa’s body. At first, Christopher said he didn’t have any connection with Christa; however, his account was constantly changing as the questioning was ongoing.

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When confronted with genetic evidence, Christopher said that he was having a sexual relationship with Christa. He also claimed that he had been engaged in an affair with her, just like his previous women who were on his garbage route. In the end, Christopher claimed to have been to her home after drinking heavily the night that she died. He was with his friend, Jeremy Frazier, and they went to Christa’s house. Christopher confessed to having a sexual relationship with her. However, he claimed Jeremy murdered her following they beat her to death.

However, the details of the interview proved to be important during the trial. Christopher later claimed that he’d had Percocet as well as cocaine and marijuana. The defense claimed he was suffering from the lowest IQ and said the interview did not record. An hour-long interrogation was boiled down to a report of 27 pages. Christopher’s lawyer stated that it was impossible for him to determine the exact words his client had said.

It also criticized their investigation and talked about evidence that was not being tested in the lab, such as untested DNA samples from three individuals who were under Christa’s fingernails. When Christopher pointed his finger at Jeremy, his DNA was not discovered at the scene of the crime, and he was able to provide an excuse. In the final analysis, the defense claimed that Christopher visited the victim’s home on January 3, 2002, and that they had a sexual encounter that was consensual, with another person killing her later.

Where is Christopher McCowen Today?

On November 6, 2006, Christopher, at the time, who had turned 34, was found guilty on charges of the first degree of murder, with grave atrocity, aggravated rape, as well as aggravated burglary by armed force. He was sentenced to three life sentences in succession without parole. Before Christopher’s sentencing, the judge told him, “This situation is an extremely gruesome case. I am so sorry for the family of the victim and her daughter, as well as her. I’ve never planned that this would ever take place. However, for your honor, the only thing I have to say is I’m innocent in this case…and this is all I have to say.”

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There were accusations of bias based on race among the jurors. However, it was the Supreme Court eventually ruled to confirm Christopher’s conviction. Later, a couple of years later, Christopher changed his story confessing to having sexual relations with Christa on the 3rd of January 2002, when she asked him to go inside to take down the tree. Christopher claimed he doesn’t recall calling the police or visiting her house with Jeremy. In the new version, Christopher was at a different nightclub after having a drink with Jeremy at an area bar before returning home. As of now, he’s imprisoned at the Old Colony Correctional Center in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.


ABC News’ ’20/20: Family Business’ follows the absurd tale of a normal family who stole $4 million of cash from various armored vehicle firms and then evaded authorities for more than a decade. They could have even got free of the charges if it wasn’t for the fact that family members turned against one another. The local police, the prosecutor’s office and the IRS and the FBI to conduct a huge investigation, before they were detained and sentenced for their criminal acts. So , who do you think is Vincent Cabello of the three? Let’s see do we?

Who is Vincent Cabello?

Vincent N. Cabello was one of the two children of Archie and Marian Cabello. He graduated with a graduation certificate from Inglemoor High School around the year 1990 and was posted to Fort Bragg at the age of 23, and served as an Army paratrooper. After being discharged honorably in the U.S. Army in 1996, Vincent returned to his family in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the family was coerced by his father to take part in the robbery along with his father. Vincent loved to worship his father, and offered to assist in the theft in the hope to win his father’s love.

The year 1998 was when Vincent got a position as receiving and shipping Clerk for American Security Corp. The position also included security of the night vault and the father-son team took advantage of the opportunity and rob the company. Archie dressed in disguise and utilized the BB gun to create a robbery. He then removed up a staggering $730,000 from the vault, and staging an impressive show for the authorities and even locking Vincent in order to make it appear authentic. Detectives investigating the robbery inquired about Vincent and also believed that he was an accomplice. But because Vincent did not change his story and denied the police any evidence, they were unable to catch Vincent.Image Credit: Multnomah County Sheriff (Oregon)

The Cabello family relocated to Portland in the late 1980s, settling in an apartment that was modest, and remained unnoticed for a while. At that point the FBI began to investigate them, but they was unable to take them into custody as they were not linked in any way to the crimes that they claimed to have committed. As of 2005 Vincent was able to help his father steal an armored car in Oregon for $3 million. He even put the money into a safe deposit box owned by Archie in East Seattle under fake names.

The IRS was brought in by authorities to conduct an extensive inquiry into the finances of the Cabello family, and they quickly discovered differences. In the meantime, as the Cabello family sat on the sidelines, Vincent committed a mistake in purchasing the Hummer car in money, which put the family in the spotlight. The result was a rift between father and son. just four days prior to the date the statute of limitations expired during the Oregon crime, the entire family was arrested in the year 2010.

Where is Vincent Cabello Today?

Indicted for 51 counts on December 10, 2010 in December 2010, the Cabello family was set to go to trial , and that is the moment that Vincent agreed to cooperate. Then, in February of 2012 Vincent made the decision to assist the authorities because he was determined to continue his education, and also begin with his family. Vincent assisted the authorities in locating access to keys for the safe deposit box that the Cabellos stored the stolen cash. He also appeared on the witness stand to testify against his father.

Due to his co-operation and cooperation, he was sentenced 18 months of prison time in the federal prison in Sheridan. After his release, he earned an education degree of Associate of Applied Science from Portland Community College (2010-12) and began working as a warehouse worker for Valmont Industries in 2013.

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