Where Is Chef Yoshihiro Iami Now | Everything You Need To Know!

Netflix’s “Chef’s table Pizza” is an entertaining food reality show set off in search of the world’s finest pizzas. In addition to recording the process of making the pizzas and looking at how each pizzeria operates, The show also introduced us to a variety of top Chefs who gave Pizza their own unique twist. In addition, while pizzas are the main focus during the entire season, the show also gives us an inside look into the life of each chef and helps us get to know the chefs on a deeper level.

Japanese pizza master Yoshihiro Iami, is famous for his tasty pizzas made with natural ingredients. In addition, Iami has also managed to incorporate his Pizza into the classic three-course Japanese dinner. With fans wanting to learn more about Iami’s life and career, we decided to dive into his world and find out the current location of his life!

Who Is Chef Yoshihiro Iami?

Chef Yoshihiro Iami was raised in the country in Japan’s Ibaraki prefecture. He said that he developed a strong connection with nature at an early age. In an interview about his early years, Iami spoke of strolling through the countryside and enjoying natural beauty during his youth. Iami enjoyed making small fires in his family’s backyard and has since integrated it into his cooking with wood.

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Incredibly, despite Iami being a close friend of nature, Iami was not particularly interested in becoming a chef until their early 20s. The chef explained that around the age of 23 Iami was working as a servant at a hotel in Nagano. At the time, he went to the pizza place Enboca and was enthralled by the food. While Iami didn’t think much about it at that moment, the experience and taste were a constant reminder on his tongue, which is when the Japanese native knew it was his destiny to get the position.

After quitting his position as a hotel manager, Iami was back in Enboca and started training under the chef at Endoca. While he had never been to a culinary school or received a formal education, Iami discovered that he was naturally gifted as a chef. So, after being taught the basics by Chef Enboca Enboca, he returned to Kyoto and started his own establishment, Monk, near Ginkakuji in 2015. Since then, Monk has been known for its natural and fresh food, including delectable vegetables, traditional Japanese dishes, and, of course, the famous Iami pizza.

In actual fact, Iami mentioned that his restaurant’s menu changes depending on the season and is typically based on the seasonal produce that is available on the market at a certain date. Additionally, the Japanese chef has also put his own spin on Pizza and integrated it into the classic multiple-course Japanese dinner, also known as Kaiseki.

Where Is Chef Yoshihiro Iami Now?

Through the decades, Monk has been known for providing its patrons with amazing dining experiences that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Additionally, the chef Yoshihiro Iami has been praised for his work and for being awarded numerous awards and distinctions. He has been featured in numerous famous and prestigious magazines.

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As of now, Iami resides in Kyoto with his family, and fans will be pleased to know that he became the father of a newborn boy in the year 2020. Iami, the Japanese chef, is incredibly active in Monk, his eatery. Monk visits the market each morning to buy the food items to cook the meal.

In addition, Iami published his monk book monk: Shadow and Shadow on the Philosopher’s Path and his cookbook 2021, both of which were well-received by critics. Watching the success of Iami and his philosophy is truly inspirational. We wish him the best in the future.

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