Where is Chef Sarah Minnick Now?

Netflix’s “Chef’s Table: Pizza” is a mouthwatering culinary reality show showcasing the top pizzas and pizzerias worldwide. The show takes us inside the kitchen and reveals the making process of the fav pizza. We also get to see what is known as the “x-factor” that helps each pizza stand out among the other pizzas. In addition, the show gives us a glimpse into chefs’ daily lives, allowing us to connect to them on a more personal level.

The chef, Sarah Minnick of Portland, Oregon, was a standout in her beautiful pizzas that are guaranteed to delight every palate. In addition, the pizzas she serves stand out by adding Oregon’s seasonal flowers and fruits. So, with people wanting to learn more about chef Sarah, we decided to get on board to find out where she is currently!

Who Is Chef Sarah Minnick?

While chef Sarah Minnick is originally from Portland, Oregon, viewers might be shocked to learn that she didn’t have any plans to become a chef at all. Incredibly, Sarah began her career in the restaurant industry after she, her sibling, and an ex-boyfriend set up an establishment. The restaurant, also situated in Portland, was named Lovely Hula Hands, and when Sarah and her mother were in charge of the front of the restaurant, and her ex-boyfriend was in charge of the kitchen.

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However, the relationship was not a success. Even though Sarah’s ex left the restaurant, the couple hired other chefs and was determined to keep the business going. But she quickly realized she was not happy running the kitchen and had real passion. So, Sarah began to experiment with a variety of ingredients. In addition to mastering the art of making pizza, she learned the technique of making gelato.

Then, after the chef realized she was in the right place and was ready, she took the next step and opened her restaurant, Beautiful’s Fifty Fifty, in 2000. Unexpectedly, when she opened her new eatery, Sarah could not trust her ability to make pizza. Therefore, she prepared the starters and ice cream, and a close friend was in charge of making pizzas. However, when the friend left, Sarah was forced to be the sole cook, and she was amazed by how much she enjoyed the task!

Although the lovely restaurant Fifty Fifty is known for its pizza and ice cream, Sarah mentioned that everything she serves, including the ice cream to the pizza dough, is made on-site. In addition, she wanted to sprinkle a bit of Oregon on all her pizzas. So, in addition to using fresh ingredients and vegetables, Sarah also tops her pizzas with fresh flowers and fruits that are only found in Oregon. But her pizzas are exclusive, as their menus at Fifty Fifty keep changing periodically.

Where is Chef Sarah Minnick Now?

Chef Sarah Minnick’s amazing work has received accolades from around the world. She has been recognized in numerous famous magazines. Indeed, the city’s renowned food journalist, Karen Brooks, has been a long-time fan of the Lovely’s Fifty Fifty. In addition, Sarah got even more famous because she procured every ingredient locally and only served the finest in her restaurant.

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Presently, Sarah resides in Portland, Oregon, where she manages the famous Fifty Fifty restaurant. It is interesting to note that Beautiful’s Fifty Fifty is a family-run affair with the Portland chef running the kitchen. At the same time, her daughters, sisters and mother are involved in various other areas. Watching Sarah’s passion, determination and drive are truly inspirational, and we hope Sarah is happy in the future.

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