Where Is Chef Gabriele Bonci Now?

An ideal show for those who love Pizza, “Chef’s Table” on Netflix Pizza” is a search for the top spots to enjoy the popular Pizza worldwide. In the city from Phoenix to Italy and Kyoto, Japan, we have the opportunity to explore eateries where chefs have altered the concept of a great pizza. Apart from focussing on food, the show also gives a glimpse into the chefs’ daily lives, making the experience more entertaining.

Chef Gabriele Bonci, also known as the “Michelangelo of Pizza,” is known for his distinctive dough, the freshest ingredients, and exceptional tastes. In addition, he’s well-known on TV in Italy and has even an entire documentary about his life. So, people are naturally interested to know where Gabriele is now, and we have the answers!

Who is Chef Gabriele Bonci?

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Gabriele discovered his love for cooking from a young age. So, he started training to become a chef after graduating high school. But, as time passed, Gabriele realized that he liked making pizzas and bread more than the meticulous cooking of restaurants. So, after working in numerous restaurants within Rome, Gabriele put his expertise to good use and started his own pizza restaurant Pizzarium situated in the Italian capital.

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In Rome’s Via Della Meloria, it took no time for the pizzeria’s popularity to grow quickly, and it soon had crowds of people waiting in the street to get slices. In addition to using the freshest and finest products, Gabriele uses a special type of stone-ground flour that retains the flavor and taste of the pizzas he serves. In addition to being a renowned restaurant owner with numerous accolades up to now, Gabriele is also quite famous on Italian TV, having appeared in the TV documentary “The Layover,” in which he appeared as himself.

Furthermore, Chef X was an expert judge for this year’s Italian reality show “Bake Off Italia – Dolci in forno’. He has also been on the show ‘Pizza Heroes. According to reports, Gabriele has created over 1500 pizza receives and offers a variety of flavors of Pizza in his restaurants. Some of the flavors are so unique that they’re available only once yearly. Naturally, his work has been widely recognized for his huge contribution to Pizza. His pizzas have been named the top anywhere in the world.

Where Is Chef Gabriele Bonci Now?

After growing in popularity in Rome and the entire region of Italy, Gabriele finally decided to expand and open the first branch of his pizza shop in Chicago in the year 2017. The fame of his pizzeria naturally spread across America. The United States, and soon people started flocking to the Chicago branch to grab the Bonci pizza. Then, as business was doing well, Gabriele further expanded to Miami in 2021. He was thrilled to bring his pizzas to the coastal city.

Presently, Gabriele seemingly resides in Rome, but he can split his time between Rome, his home town and those cities like Chicago and Miami. Apart from having three pizzerias at the time, he also works with Chef Roberta Pezzella to open a bakery in Rome.

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Incredibly, although Gabriele’s Chicago and Miami pizzerias are far from the ones in Rome, he insists that all ingredients are identical, which helps maintain the high quality. Watching the pizza chef’s amazing achievement is truly inspiring, and we hope that he will be happy in the future.

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