Where Is Chef Franco Pepe Now?

If you’ve ever wondered where you can discover the top pizzas around the globe, the Netflix show ‘Chef’s Table: Pizza’ would be the perfect choice for you. The show takes viewers on a worldwide tour that investigates the best pizza places and even the subtle differences that exist between the different pizza styles. In addition, instead of looking at the food, it also gives us an inside look at each chef’s daily life, making the show more fascinating.

Chef Franco Pepe comes from a long line of Pizza Chefs. He was taught the fundamentals of art by his dad. But, he also likes to create his own unique twist on the traditional pizza recipes, leading to an explosion in his popularity of his. So, with people curious about his life, We decided to dive into the mix and discover where he’s at!

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Who Is Chef Franco Pepe?

Being a part of an extended lineage of Pizza Chefs, Franco Pepe was introduced to the art of Pizza making from an early age. In fact, he said that he used to follow his father to collect ingredients and assist him in the kitchen. As Franco was growing up and his father gave him all he could talk about pizza making, and the child was always eager to know more. But, he also mentioned his desire to become a chef was not his first choice because the job was extremely strenuous. Job it can be.

However, Franco discovered his passion for Pizza making over time and was a pro in the art. He was determined to use fresh ingredients, and sources stated that even though the dough was made by hand, he never recorded measurements but rather determined when a touch did the dough. In the course of his work, Franco established his pizzeria, Pepe in Grani, just a few feet from his grandfather’s bakery in Caiazzo, an Italian city of Caiazzo that quickly became a hit within the region. The ingredients he used to make his Pizza came from local farmers, and in no time, customers were waiting in line to buy a pizza at the pizzeria.

It is interesting to note that Franco was not a fan of the traditional recipe that was the norm in most pizzerias across Italy. Instead, he decided to modify the ingredients and quantities according to different factors, including the conditions, the temperature of his kitchen, and the type of flour employed on the day. Additionally, he added his own spin on classic recipes. Some later remarked that those “errors” made Franco’s Pizza the most delicious worldwide.

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Where Is Chef Franco Pepe Now?

Over many years, Chef Franco has been awarded numerous accolades in recognition of his amazing Pizza that is loved across the globe. Even with Caiazzo being a tiny town, it has people from all over the globe who are eager to take delicious Pizza from Franco. In addition, his pizzas have been called”the best pizza in the world” many times, and the chef was featured by various notable publications and television channels. Additionally, in 2021 Franco was named “Best Chef Pizza” by the renowned organization, Best Chef Awards.

The chef Franco Pepe resides in Caiazzo in Italy, where he has built a great life with his close friends and family. It is fascinating to watch the way Franco manages his very own pizza restaurant. We’d be happy to send him all the best of luck and hope he succeeds in his future projects.

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