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Netflix’s “Chef’s Table: Pizza’ is a fascinating reality show that takes viewers traveling the world to seek the top Pizzas across the globe. The show features pizzerias and eateries that are located across the United States, Italy, and Japan. We have a direct experience of how Pizza is made. In addition, the show offers a glimpse into the life of each chef and helps viewers get to know them at a deeper level.

Chef Ann Kim stood out from her fellow contestants because she was unconventional in her method of cooking Pizza and even made use of Kimchi as an ingredient. She also mentioned that she was enthralled by cooking after helping her grandmother and mother cook the basic Korean dishes. We took closer to her story and discovered where she is now.

Who is Chef Ann Kim?

Korean-American chef Ann Kim immigrated to the United States with her family when she was only four years old. They eventually settled in a suburb called Apple Valley, Minnesota, in which Ann was able to spend the majority of her life. Ann was incredibly active in the kitchen since she was very young because she often helped her grandmother and her mother cook traditional Korean meals. It wasn’t just that this activity helped Korea and its people and cuisine enthrall her, but she also discovered her love for cooking and food.

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However, people would be amazed to learn it was Ann was also very fascinated by the film industry. So, when she completed her Bachelor’s degree in English from the city of New York’s Columbia University, she began acting professionally. She was in films and television shows for around eight years before deciding that her true calling was in the industry of food. In 2010, she realized her dreams and set out to create the first Pizzeria, Pizzeria Lola, in Minneapolis.

Ann’s restaurant Ann offered delicious food, her fame grew by leaps and bounds, and Ann quickly found herself opening another restaurant called Hello Pizza, which offers pizzas, salads, meatballs, and salads. Even though she had the two establishments under her belt, she was not willing to draw the line and was confident that she was in a position to grow her business even more. So, in the year 2016, she launched the third of her restaurants, Young Joni, which included delicious wood-fired food on the menu, aside from her well-known pizzas.

While Ann always makes sure to make use of only the freshest ingredients and hand-made dough, Her pizzas are recognized for their unconventional toppings, such as one with Kimchi. By doing this, she successfully blended eastern and western cuisines and was even praised for her work.

Where Is Chef Ann Kim Now?

Chef Ann is well-known for her delicious pizzas and the fact that customers flock to her restaurants to taste her delectable food. In addition, the Korean-American cook also has a few accolades on her resume. For instance, Restaurants like Young Joni won numerous awards and have frequently been included in “best restaurant” lists. In addition, she was featured in numerous notable publications over time. But her most notable acknowledgment came in the year 2019 when she was one of the few women in Minnesota and the first Asian in Minnesota to be honored with this award. James Beard Award for Best Chef Midwest.

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Presently Chef Ann is married to a wonderful man and lives in Minneapolis, where she operates three restaurants: Pizzeria Lola, Hello Pizza, and Young Joni. Additionally, she launched the restaurant she runs with four children, Sooki & Mimi, in February 2021. While in July 2021, the Korean-American chef announced she would go on a sabbatical, we wish her all the best of luck and hope for the best for her in the future.

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