Where is Bryan “Steven” Lawson Now?

“Accused: Guilty, Innocent, or Guilty The latest A&E crime series takes a unique method of presenting true crime programming by solely focusing on the perspective from the side of the defense.

The first part of the show follows the trials of Bryan Steven Lawson, who was accused of murdering her wife in self-defense. What’s more shocking concerning his story was that CCTV footage of his son shows him sitting just a few inches behind the person who was killed as the shooting occurred.

With a remarkably high Attention/Curiosity Ratio, the very first episode of the series makes you appeal to pick up your phone and search for the verdict for yourself. Read on if you want to learn more about the specifics of Bryan Steven Lawson’s trial and where he’s currently.

Where is Bryan Lawson Now?

Bryan “Steven” Lawson, who was just 33 at the time of the shooting, was charged in Hawkins County Sessions Court on charges of murder in the first degree and felony reckless endangerment for the brutal murder by his wife Beth “Chandra” Lawson. On the morning of January 27, 2017, at around eight a.m, Church Hill police were notified of an incident shooting from the couple’s house at 914 Holliston Mills Road. Ethan Mays, a Church Hill Police Department Detective, filed a police report that stated it was Beth “Chandra” Lawson, who was aged 40 at the time, who was found dead at the scene of the shooting.

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After being brought by the CHPD station for an interview, Lawson waived his right to have an attorney and agreed with the detectives to search his home. The apartment was conducted with Ethan Mays’s help and attorney general investigator Teddy Collinsworth. Mays’s public report states, “While searching the home surveillance system was found that was operating and recording. I, along with the other officers from law enforcement, viewed the footage and found Bryan Steven Lawson firing a handgun and hitting Beth Lawson as their 2.5-year-old son stood beside her while he was within the family room.”

The video footage from the surveillance video system revealed that a major conflict had erupted between the couple before Lawson took out her Taurus .45 caliber revolver and hit Beth Lawson in the stomach shortly after hitting him several times across the face by using her open hand. Lawson was later detained in his cell in Hawkins County Jail on a $250,000 bond. But, the case never made it to trial, and he eventually admitted guilt to reckless endangerment and voluntary murder in February of this year. After he signed the plea deal before Hawkins County Criminal Court, Lawson was sentenced to a 15-year term.

So, Lawson is still in prison. As he’ll be eligible for parole once he has completed 20 % of the sentence, he could be released after three years.

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His son, Chandra Lawson Liam Windham, was 17 at the time of the crime and had just left for school that morning. Lawson later claimed that his addiction to drugs could have contributed to the murder and said that he had forgiven Lawson. He also defended this by declaring: “When he is released, He will be required to bear the consequences and carry the guilt throughout his life. I would say that’s enough punishment.” (Featured image credit: A&E’s Charged Guilty or Innocent)

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