Where is Brendan Mess’ Girlfriend Hiba Eltilib Now?

The Murders Before The Marathon’ (Hulu’s ‘The Murders Before the Marathon’ trilogy of investigational docu-series that we describe as both fascinating, intricate, and bone-chilling in every way the word. It’s because it traces the possibility of a link to that 2011 Waltham triple homicide and that of the Boston Marathon bombings, emphasizing each crucial person involved.

However, for this moment, if you want to know the details about Hiba Eltilib, the murder victim Brendan Mess’ girlfriend, and the woman who was the one to discover the horrifying scene, we’ve got all the details for you.

Who is Hiba Eltilib?

Although there isn’t much known about her early life, given her desire to remain away from the spotlight, it is reported that she lived in the UK before settling down in Virginia with her family. Around Easter 2011, she moved into their partner Brendan’s home in the second-floor apartment at 12 Harding Avenue in Waltham, Massachusetts, after experiencing various personal turmoils. According to the show, the couple initially liked her flamboyant, dramatic character, which eventually led to numerous disputes. That he told a close friend, “That chick is insane.”

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According to the Hulu original show, Hiba and Brendan split up shortly before the beginning of 2011’s fall, after which the woman went into Miami, Florida, on only a one-way ticket to cool off. Then, she returned on September 12, the day following the incident, to discover the bloody bodies of Brendan and two of his friends, Erik Weissman and Raphael Teken, inside their home. As she informed officials during her questioning, three men were lying in bloody pools in three different rooms, their heads turned towards the side, but they weren’t tied up.

Where is Hiba Eltilib Now?

Hiba reportedly relocated her home in Richmond, Virginia, following the triple homicide. There, she was quizzed several times more to provide more details and information, but that’s not the only evidence of her involvement. However, the documentary is a bit spooky by revealing that she was the girlfriend of Jahmare Smith and was murdered just two weeks before the tragic September 11, 2011 evening.

An individual was reported to have been detained, tried, and found guilty of the murder, but it’s apparent that her spouse (she was legally married) passing away from suicide just a month later was puzzling too.

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Regarding Hiba’s current location, From what we can see, she has relocated back to the UK. She has made a successful career as an educational professional specializing in teaching multi-culturally. It appears that she’s resigned to the very best of her ability; however, as we mentioned earlier, she prefers to keep her distance from the spotlight and cannot reveal the specifics of any of her activities to be sure.

A docu-series that seeks to uncover the truth about this Waltham triple murder and its link to that of the Boston Marathon bombings, ‘The Murders Before the Marathon’ is enthralling and fascinating. It is true that this 3 part Hulu’s original series covers everything with not just the first-hand account from the Investigative reporter but also archived audio-video footage from everyone who was close to the issues. One of them is, of course, the accused murderer, Ibragim Todashev’s spouse Reni Manukyan. So right now, if you desire to know more about her and her current situation, you can find the facts for yourself.

Who is Reni Manukyan?

After Reniya “Reni” Manukyan had officially arrived in America, US after emigrating to the US from Russia back in the year 2006, she came across Chechen immigrants Ibragim in a natural way (through their roommate of his) in the month of May. The Atlanta-based suburban Armenian was visiting Ibragim in Boston but ended in a conversation with the mixed martial artist, 24 years old, after spotting an attraction. They were in love for less than two months before the 20-year-old embraced Islam for the right reasons and got married to Ibragim in the traditional ceremony of the mosque in July. After that, the couple moved to Georgia to be with the sake of her.

However, as Ibragim was having difficulties working, he decided to move back to Massachusetts during the time of summer of 2011, only for things to alter for his wife and him around the time of fall. According to Reni’s initial account, she was told that her husband had gone to Atlanta in August. She claimed evidence of his presence in Atlanta on the day of the September 11 massacre and didn’t present the same evidence. But the most difficult aspect is that, even though they split in early 2012 and he began living with a partner in Florida, they continued to speak and shared possessions, like the white Mercedes.

Image Credit: Reni Manukyan/CBS News

Reni and Ibragim were both snatched up for questioning after his name was connected to the murders that occurred in May 2013. It’s only the case that he was killed in an attempt to slay the FBI agent. The assistant housekeeping manager at the hotel never believed in the official’s story since they altered their narrative repeatedly that “it seems like they’re not sure the exact events of the night before.” The woman was irritated and said, “They kept changing the story, and we didn’t say anything prior to coming out with a variety of versions. They could change it once more… The truth is that I can’t comprehend why you would want to shoot someone unarmed.”

Where is Reni Manukyan Now?

According to what we know, Reni returned to her home country of Russia in the year 2014 and remained there until the present day. In the event that she’s in the US, it is likely that she’ll need to go before a federal judge. This is because the grand jury indicted her in the year 2016 for “knowingly” giving “a significantly false, fictitious and fraudulent” declaration before the FBI during an important interrogation “on or around May 21 in 2013.”

According to the Indictment, Reni “falsely stated to FBI agents in the Joint Terrorism Task Force that the person named in her report with whom she was associated been back to Atlanta, Georgia, on an unidentified bus following his employment within Massachusetts. The state of Massachusetts was over sometime in August or around the time of August; however, as the defendant knew, the defendant had met that person within New York in the State of New York on or around September 13, 2011, and then took the man into Atlanta, Georgia.” The official records don’t identify the person, but the documentary suggests that their husband, Ibragim, had arrived in New York by bus.

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