Where is Australia’s Ex-Yacht Captain John Bertrand Now?

The Race of the Century” is about the historic 1983 sailing race to win famous America’s Cup, which had been held in the New York Yacht Club for more than 132 years. The team was unbeaten for many years, and it appeared to be impossible for anyone to think of winning the trophy. However, John Bertrand knew that if anybody could do it, If anyone could steal the cup from the Americans, the only one to do it was him.

The Netflix documentary explores Bertrand as well as his teammates’ tireless efforts to win, which tested their physical strength as well as psychologically. They were among the best underdogs, who made a splash before winning the cup, and part of the credit for maintaining his team’s fitness physically and mentally is due to John Bertrand. However, that was quite a while back. If you’re curious about what he’s been currently doing, this is what you need to be aware of about him.

Where is John Bertrand Today?

John Bertrand lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife, Rasa Bertrand. They have three kids: one daughter Sunshine and two brothers, Lucas Andre and Lucas Andre. He was given the title of Officer of the Order of Australia in 2016 due to his contributions to the arena of sport and in the coaching of younger generations. He is also the chairman of the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. He was previously Chairman of Swimming Australia and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, which helps children who are victims of crime.

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Bertrand also serves as Director of the John Bertrand Leadership Series. This invitation-only event offers “the opportunity to meet amazing Australian leaders and discover the secrets to their accomplishments.” He is an honorary participant in the America’s Cup Hall of Fame, the Royal Brighton Yacht Club in Melbourne, and the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club. Between all of these, Bertrand was diagnosed with an early stage of prostate cancer. The time spent in the sun has led to “little melanoma being removed and some bits.”

But, his constant positive attitude towards any obstacle has helped keep his spirits high. This attitude helped him persevere until he was finally awarded America’s Cup. “Born To Win: A Lifetime struggles to win America’s Cup’, written by Patrick Robinson as well as Patrick Robinson, detailing his long journey to win the cup, was published in the year 1985. Following the historic win in 1983 that was hailed as “the most impressive team performance over the last 200 years of Australian sports,’ his return to the nation for the final time in 1995.

In his distinguished career, he’s been Chair of the Selectors Committee of the Australian Olympic Sailing Team and was given an honorary degree by Victoria Univesity. After the victory of Australia II, he got into the business and received help from then-Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke. He established Quokka Sports, which eventually fell, but it did not hurt the business. He’s since been awarded an award of the Australian Sports Medal, Centenary Medal, Melbournian of the Year, and was appointed a Monash University Vice Chancellor Professorial Fellow in 2014.

In addition, Bertrand has also become aware of the effects of climate change. “I am aware of the harm that environmental climate change as we see it now as I observe the fundamental climate changing around the globe,” he said. He would like to see things changing for the better and especially for the future of the future generation. In the meantime, he keeps his fingers busy by taking on the duties of several organizations involved in his life.

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In the past, Bertrand also put up his South Yarra family home to be sold with an asking cost of $7m-$7.7m. The life of Bertrand is full of changes, and he’s ready to accept the challenges that occur. He says he is a person who “doesn’t have a lot of regrets” and views every single thing, whether good or bad, as a learning experience that will continue to shape his future. His future is dynamic and full of adventure.

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