Where is Assistant AG Arthur “Butch” Schafer Now?

The Apple TV+ Medical drama “Five Days at Memorial is based on the discovery of the bodies of 45 dead bodies at Memorial Medical Center following arthur schafer katrina daughter shelly’s devastating Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding. Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. assigns Arthur “Butch” Schafer, an Assistant Attorney General within Louisiana’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, to investigate the deaths.

Schafer joins forces together with Special Agent Virginia Rider to investigate the deaths. The investigation reveals the truth about what transpired within the Memorial hospital before and after the natural disaster. Because Schafer is the one who leads the investigation, viewers should be keen to discover if the character has a real character like him. Let us assist you in finding the answer!

Is Arthur “Butch” Schafer Based on a Real Assistant Attorney General?

Arthur “Butch” Schafer is indeed based on a real-life person who served as an assistant attorney general during the period of hurricane Katrina and the flooding. When Schafer was appointed to investigate the Memorial deaths, He was grieving over the loss of his katrina daughter Shelly and his wife, Linda. He was a part of Virginia Rider, a special agent. She was also working together within the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit to investigate allegations against Dr. Anna Pou, especially that she administered morphine after “it appeared that the patients could not be successfully evacuated,” according to Sheri Fink’s book of the same name, upon which the show is the basis.

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If Schafer and Rider did not obtain information regarding the deceased patients of Tenet -the company that owned Memorial, They drove to Memorial on their own. Still, They were not permitted to enter the hospital. The investigation led them to numerous LifeCare employees who disclosed Dr. Anna Pou’s possible participation in the death of LifeCare patients. Then Schafer needed to find evidence to proceed with the investigation. Search teams were put together, and Schafer and Virginia conducted a search of Memorial following the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Following the investigation, Schafer and Rider also spoke with the families of three decedents LifeCare patients. In the meantime, Schafer also came to be aware that morphine had been detected in the corpses of 9 LifeCare patients. He was required to work hard to collect evidence to support the investigation. It was initially difficult for Pou and Virginia to locate more information regarding the nurses who worked in the hospital with Pou. In the meantime, the patient also developed “Katrina cough,” possibly due to his search in Memorial with no masks. Also, he lost his father-in-law during the course of the investigation.

Schafer overcame these difficulties and finally compiled enough documentation, such as toxicology reports, medical records, and autopsy reports to take on the murder cases involving four LifeCare patients. In July of 2006, the doctor. Anna Pou, Memorial nurse Cheri Landry, and Lori Budo were arrested and accused of 4 counts, each of being the principal in an attempted second-degree murder. The Affidavit Virginia created before her arrests contained information she and Schafer obtained by conducting interviews with four LifeCare employees who were identified as Diane Robichaux, Therese Mendez, Kristy Johnson, and Steven Harris.

Where is Arthur “Butch” Schafer Today?

Following an arrest by Anna Pou, Dr. Anna Pou, the grand jury was in place to review her case, and Schafer presented the case to jurors in the role of the chief prosecutor. The grand jury, however, did not decide to indict Pou. According to Sheri Fink’s memoir, Schafer “did not believe justice had reached its end in the case.” “He Schafer knew exactly what happened at Memorial. The fact that anyone else was aware was not his issue. As a prosecutor, you found out that most of those you tried would not find guilty. You shouldn’t be contemplating it,” Fink wrote about Schafer in her book.

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Schafer is currently employed as an attorney for the City of Lafayette in southern Louisiana. In Louisiana, he is also living together with his spouse, Linda Schafer. Schafer is no longer an assistant attorney general. A few years later, Schafer had to get treated for a lung infection in the Memorial trial and was eventually cured of the same.

Schafer believes that his involvement in the show is a “big opportunity” for him. But, he’s not interested in revisiting or reliving the experiences that were associated with his involvement in the Memorial case. “I consider going back should I have to go back to relive the events of our time in the past. It could be extremely painful. One reason is that I can remember the effort and the time we put into it. But it might be difficult,” Shafer told KLFY.

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