The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez – Where is Arnold Contreras Now?

The tragic death of Gabriel Fernandez shocked everyone due to the brutality inflicted upon the innocent child. Netflix’s most recent docuseries, the Trials of Gabriel Fernandez’ shines a light on the case and the systemic failings that permitted the abuse to continue until the boy’s death at the age of eight.

In the middle of the story are the atrocities committed by Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre. But, Isauro is not Gabriel’s biological father. Arnold Contreras is his father. Although Contreras played a significant role in the trials after Gabriel’s death, you may be wondering where he’s currently. We’ve provided you with the information on this aspect.

Who Is Arnold Contreras?

Arnold Contreras took the stand in the trial of Isauro’s sentencing. The man is often referred to by his alias Arnaldo Jose Contreras. The man was awed about his son who died and said that Pearl did not like the boy and that he believed that Gabriel would be living alongside his parents.

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In the year that Gabriel’s death occurred, Contreras was in prison for a time in the Riverside County jail in 2013. In his testimony, he said he frequently struggled to sleep due to the horrific nature of Gabriel’s demise. Arnold was also among the plaintiffs in action for wrongful death against the district’s public schools, Pearl and Isauro, and three other county departments.

Where is Arnold Contreras Now?

Arnold Contreras appears to have tried to make a change in his life. His profile on Facebook is full of photos with Gabriel and his son, in which the child is smiling. His father hasn’t changed his mind since the passing of their son. According to his profile, he’s living in Pacoima, California.

Arnold, whose profile states that he’s single, appears to be employed in a tattoo or tattoo parlor. A lot of the photos on his profile talk about discounts offered. A few of the photos are also a representation of his work. However, it’s important to know that it appears that Arnold hasn’t been publicly active on Facebook since 2017. The link to his Instagram account is available on his page, but it also seems to have been deleted.

Based on the fact that he’s got Google+ linked to his account, which was shut down in April of this year, It appears that Arnold hasn’t updated his account in the past few months.

What is his location currently? Although his current whereabouts or status isn’t known, We do have the most up-to-date information on his whereabouts. It appears that Arnold still has issues with law enforcement and his prison system. On February 11, 2019, Arnold was admitted to Calipatria State Prison for a non-violent crime. He’s been in parole eligibility since June 2019. 

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Arnold has a difficult life, just as he has, including prison time. Yet, one’s heart goes to him as an unresolved father struggling with the grief of losing his son.

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