Where is Armie Hammer’s Ex-Girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich Now?

The three-part documentary “House of Hammer” by Discovery+ follows Armie Hammer’s descent from being a well-known actor. However, the industry will likely reject him due to rape allegations and abuse allegations against Hammer. Courtney Vucekovich is featured on the show. She briefly dated Armie and shared some of her experiences during that time. We’re here to help you learn more about Courtney Vucekovich and where she may be today.

Courtney Vucekovich is who?

Courtney went out with his friends one night in the winter of 2019 and briefly met Armie at a bar. Courtney said that he started messaging her via Instagram a few months later, in June 2020. He shared his divorce with his wife at the time. Soon, things started to improve. Courtney stated, “Between love bombing, the attention, it was all perfect. This was amazing, just like what we all believe is a fairy tale when our children are young.”

Courtney realized that all was not right just weeks later. She claims that Armie sent her a picture of her Texas apartment while she was on vacation in July 2020 and then left a note where he mentioned biting her. Courtney and Armie met a few days later. Courtney had already publicly announced his split from his wife. They continued to date for several months.

Courtney stated that “he enters your life so big. He is a charming person. He is so charismatic and aware of his presence.

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Courtney claims that she took Armie on a three-week vacation where they were always together. She claimed that he would text her multiple times per day, even though they were apart. Courtney said, “He did things with me that were not comfortable with. He convinced me that these were okay and placed me in dangerous situations where he was heavily drunk, which scared me. It was uncomfortable.

Courtney also mentioned another instance where Armie was drunk, and she talked to her about attempting a sadomasochistic dream with her. Courtney stated that Armie tied her up that night. She wasn’t happy with the idea and closed her eyes until it was over. Courtney stated that Armie told her he was broke and she needed to pay Armie gas money once more.

Courtney Vucekovich is Where Are You Today?

Courtney spoke out about her relationship with Armie in January 2021. “He said that he wanted to eat my ribs and barbecue. He said, “I want to take some bites out of you.” If he had a cut on his hand, he would like to lick it or eat it. Courtney shared her story later. Courtney and the couple ended their relationship in October 2020. Courtney also spoke out about her experience with panic attacks and PTSD. She was admitted to a 30-day program.

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Courtney is much happier today. Courtney mentioned how therapy was a huge help and that she has been a strong advocate for mental health ever since. Flash is a beauty and photo app where Courtney currently lives in Dallas, Texas. The company offers on-demand makeup and beauty services with professional technicians traveling to customers’ locations. Courtney received a master’s in Business in 2012 from Texas Tech University. Courtney founded Flash in April 2018. She continues to manage the Business with great success. Courtney enjoys traveling and has been to the Bahamas, Spain and Italy.

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