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In the 14th season of the show ‘Dr. Phil, we were introduced to Aneska Patricia Lenardon, a preteen girl whom they described as violent, volatile, and difficult to control. Her parents contacted her doctor. Phil McGraw for help and stated that their daughter caused her entire family to be scared and was in constant states of turmoil. While Dr. Phil talked to Aneska and offered solutions, the fans are eager to find out how she’s doing today. Here’s what we learned!

Who Is Aneska Patricia Lenardon?

When Aneska first was on the show ‘Dr. Phil, when she first appeared on the show, she was only 12 years old. The parents of her, Melanie and Dave, called Phil McGraw and asked him to check out their sweet child, who, according to reports, continued to terrorize the entire family. While Aneska’s behavior appeared odd, her parents revealed that she fell off her tricycle at just three years old. With a swollen face and a chipped tooth, Aneska was taken to the hospital and attended to by a doctor.

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Surprisingly, her physical wounds improved over time. However, following the fall, Aneska’s parents began to notice a terrifying behavior change that became her entire personality. “It was like somebody had flipped a switch,” her father told the show. “Aneska was a totally different child.” Her “violent” tendencies manifested right at a young age when the show discussed the time she beat her pet hamster with a flashlight when she was only six.

In the documentary, Aneska killed several baby birds that year after by squeezing them until they died using her hands. It’s a pity that this kind of behavior isn’t often spoken of in a child, as her family was rightly concerned over her future. The doctor who performed Aneska’s MRI on the show said that she might be living with an underlying sensory dysregulation Disorder (or Bipolar Disorder, and the medication and treatment were able to change her attitude.

However, Melanie mentioned that her daughter was becoming more aggressive in the course of time and began to develop a habit of theft and lying. “She lies, steals, and doesn’t respect authority,” the mother claimed. She also claimed that her daughter would resort to violence spur of the moment and was frequently found physically attacking her brothers and sisters. Furthermore, Aneska was also incapable of making corrections since she had lost her temper and threatened to murder her mother.

Where Is Aneska Patricia Lenardon Now?

Since being on reality television, Aneska likes to keep her private life from the public realm and favors privacy. However, in 2017, Aneska’s mother uploaded an image on Facebook stating that she was with her family and living as a normal teen. Subsequently, in 2021, the ‘Dr. Phil’s website stated that Aneska was past the age of 18 and was set to finish high school. The website also stated that she could get her violent tendencies under control of her behavior and was no longer consumed by rage.

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In addition, Aneska even seemed to remain close to her parents and was looking toward a brighter future. As of now, the young lady has a very limited profile on social networks. She has posted only a handful of photos on Instagram. However, her Facebook profile is, though private, more up-to-date, and she also says that she lives in Burlington, Ontario. It’s wonderful to hear about the triumph of Aneska over her challenges, and we’d like to wish her all the most successful years ahead.

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