Where is Andrean Hanks’ Killer Darcy Matlock Now?

The inhabitants of Denver, Colorado, were shocked to discover the corpse of newlywed Andrean Hanks at her home in December 1993. The woman, who was 24 years old, was shot two times through the kitchen window. Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Woman: Cling ‘Til Death’ examines the case in detail and lays out the details of the shooting, its subsequent investigation along with the aftermath of the incident in a clear way. If you’re looking to learn more about the incident and the identity and location of the perpetrator’s whereabouts, you’re in the right spot. Let’s begin!

Who was the killer of Andrean Hanks?

In the suburbs surrounding Denver, Colorado, 28-year-old Darcy Matlock seemed to have everything: a happy husband, a great work-life balance, and a four-year-old daughter. What appeared to be an enduring marriage from the outside was not stable in the least. Darcy began spending much of her time at the office and was involved in an extra-marital affair with one of her coworkers, Ron Griffin. In time, the affair was known to everyone in her office when she began arriving at work late and sometimes not even showing up. It didn’t take a long time before their husband, Darcy, became aware of the affair.

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Darcy’s husband walked away from her and took their daughter along with the couple. Her daughter was taken away from her, and her broken marriage broke Darcy. When she was living with Ron, her unpredictable behavior started to turn her boyfriend off. According to this show, she appeared to be extremely insecure and abrasive, slowly taking Ron away. Then, he began to fall into love with Andrean “Andie” Hanks, and their love affair ended with them getting married in the latter part of 1993. However, Darcy wasn’t ready to part with her former boyfriend at this point. She had given up everything for him only to be left behind. Darcy wanted to hurt Ron in a way that was deep.

Darcy began claiming that Ron was abusive by pushing and beating her, costing him his job due to false claims. Darcy also began making a nuisance of the newlyweds by stalking them, snooping around, and calling them frequently. Ron and Andie decided to resolve the issue legally and sent out a restraining injunction against Darcy. It was the final nail in the coffin because it pushed Darcy to the brink. She contacted Ron at the end of December 1993 and stated that she did not want to fight them anymore. Darcy declared that she wanted to put an end to the conflict between them and asked him to come to meet her.

On December 6, 1993, Ron stood waiting with Darcy in a nearby parking lot. However, she didn’t show up. In truth, Darcy never wanted to meet Ron; she just wanted him to leave home. As Ron was waiting in the car area, Darcy donned a red wig and returned to his house, where Andie was cooking in the kitchen. The neighbors had reported seeing Darcy walking around as if he was trying to summon the courage to do something. Darcy struck Andie two times through the windows, wounding her fatally. Andie could get back to her front entrance to the apartment, but she fell to the ground. The police arrived on the scene and found her body halfway through the doorway.

Is Darcy Matlock in the area? Darcy Matlock Today?

Darcy Matlock did the most strange thing following the shooting of Andie. She returned home and called her ex-husband, confessing her crime over the phone. She wanted to see him; however, he was more intelligent than she was. In fear of his life, his ex-husband rang 911 and informed Darcy authorities. When police arrived at Darcy’s home, they found her seated in her car, with guns on her lap.

After disarming Darcy after disarming her, police arrested her for killing Andie. While Darcy was in the process of trial, Ron died by suicide just one month after the bride-to-be was murdered. In the course of her investigation, Darcy had been successful in her attempt to hurt Ron severely. Although her lawyer asserted that she was unhappy about the loss of her marriage and could not be held responsible for her actions, the jury did not pay attention and found her guilty of murder first degree in July 1994.

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The prosecution said that this case was “Shakespearean in size,” citing how the angry Darcy couldn’t change her mind and her rage caused the death of two children. Darcy was sentenced to a life sentence. According to court documents, Darcy Matlock is presently imprisoned in the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (DWCF).

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