Where is AND1 Co-Founder Tom Austin Now?

“Untold: the Rise and Fall Of AND1,” tells the compelling story of how a streetball-inspired brand, thriving, went from the highest to the lowest revenue levels in just a few years. It wasn’t that the business was forced to close down because it lost all revenue. It’s simply that their extraordinary global success was beginning to slip away, which led to a sale nobody expected. For now, we have all the details for Tom Austin, the Co-Founder that left the company before this happened (arguably the catalyst for the collapse).

Who is Tom Austin?

Tom was born in New England and can’t call any specific area or city his hometown. His family moved around during these crucial years. He was shy at first, but he soon realized that basketball is his true passion and a very personal team sport. Seth Berger, his senior at Wharton and a fellow player, approached him in 1993 with the idea of building a basketball-centric company.

The original Netflix Netflix Original stated, “I had no professional skills at the time.” “I only had very low-level jobs. I was a busboy, dishwasher, and other low-level jobs. It was like a lifeline to me when I learned that Seth and Jay Coen Gil Gilbert were starting a basketball startup. “Cause I just wanted the game to continue and wear shorts to work.” But Tom quickly proved that he was more qualified than I thought. His creativity, hard work, and dedication led to the launch OF AND1 using trash-talking T-shirts.

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Jay acknowledged that Tom was the “genius behind” the brand. He served as COO for two of the brands’ five footwear designs and came up with the signature shoes. Tom stated that he was unaware of his mistake and was diagnosed with a digestive condition. “I lost about 20-30 pounds… It was a total mess. It was not fun. He resigned in 2003. He didn’t know that AND1’s sales would plummet from $200 to $130 million and the workplace environment would change dramatically.

Where is Tom Austin now?

After Tom Austin left AND1, he seemed to have spent several years solely focusing on his well-being and others before deciding to continue his studies. He enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania for a Master’s degree in Human Development/Education (2005-2008) before moving on to the University of Southern California- School of Cinematic Arts for a Master’s in Writing, Directing, and Editing (2008-2011). Tom was a Sumo Ant Managing Partner. Today, he is an advisor for Analytica and the proud co-founder/CEO of Masterchats. This online coaching app aims to prevent burnout.

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According to our information, Tom currently resides in Los Angeles. He lives a private life, focusing mainly on his personal experiences. His work seems to be his main priority. He is a specialist in branding strategy, mental fitness, creativity management, branding strategy, design & product, growth management, and sourcing.

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